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  1. Dr. Monty is Malcolm McDowell!

    Hello everybody! I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that Dr.Monty is played by Malcolm McDowell. He played Dr. Loomis in Rob Zombies Halloween. I don't think it has anything to do with zombies story but I know you people are dedicated and like to know every little detail! Sorry if this had already been posted! Here is a link to him doing a interview for Halloween. Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  2. Are You Ready Xbox/PC!

    Gorod Krovi is ready to download on the Xbox One! Let's do this! Sorry if someone already informed everyone! Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  3. Mob of the Dead Trailer Analysis! NOW WITH "MAKING OF" VIDEO

    I have watched the hellhound part a couple times now. Too me it looks like it just the hellhounds head sticking out of a wall. It might be blocking the door next to it or she shoots fireballs at u? That's just my theroy tho. Also if u pause it a the right time u get a good look at a zombie...... Looks cool! Can't wait for this map!
  4. Mob of the Dead Trailer Analysis! NOW WITH "MAKING OF" VIDEO

    At 2:49 you can see a part for the zombie shield. I wonder if they will bring back the trampoline? That's all I noticed so far
  5. The Richtofen Shrine

    Sorry Didnt Mean to Post This On This Page im out of it i was up really late helping people do the EE :geek:
  6. The Richtofen Shrine

    Im pretty shure there is no solo EE! Because u get all 7 perks when u do it and if u go down u keep them. So if u were in solo doing the EE and Got All 7 PERKS that wood mean everytime u go down u would revive yourself making it impossible to end the game so NO there is NO SOLO EE. Its stupid but hey its cool to get all 7 Perks and it was a fun EE. off topic when u complete the EE and everyone is dead rictofen says something and laughs. i did the EE again to help out a friend and had rictofen pick up the stone then i had every go down to c if rictofen wood say something but he didnt. i was thinking there is more to the EE because u have the golden rod and the achievement is for getting the stone not completing the EE so hey mabey there is more to it. prolly not tho because i hear u can get everyone the 7 perks