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  1. Highest Round on Call Of The Dead?

    15 solo 15 with 4
  2. first zombie commentary!

    There was too many long stretches where you wern't saying anything, but a good first time
  3. Interaction with Romero

    I don't know if this is just a coincidence but They angrier you make him in the first round the more power-ups seem to drop, just a theory
  4. Interaction with Romero

    The crosshairs are blue when you aim over a downed teamate with the upgraded balisitic knife :)
  5. Treyarch killed off nazi zombies

    There was a storyline in Ascension? Treyarch fail... Well, I guess there wasn't a storyline specific to the 935 group, but it had the original characters. And there was that easter egg.
  6. Treyarch killed off nazi zombies

    TBH i just think its a map for the zombie fans that arn't into the story line. I can see a pattern emerging aswell Kino - Storyline Five - No Storyline Ascension - Storyline Call of The Dead - No Storyline ??? - Storyline?