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  1. Big things I noticed in the zombie trailer

    then why cant Transit be the unofficial name we are giving it? makes it simple, and it doesnt necessarily mean we are spreading a leak.
  2. The Mustang Update

    Lol, no, Survivor was blue, Veteran was green -Jolteon oh right, right. its been too long since i had my title. all i remember i was a blue title, so i was survivor. which i think got merged into veteran during the first change when the medals were first introduced.
  3. The Mustang Update

    If Veteran WERE to return, it would have to be seriously revised. There was far too much green before and it really showed once the viral started. I'm thinking at least 2 years of regular CoDz service as a minimum because otherwise it will get seriously overcrowded with colour again. However, I, like yourself, would like some variation of time period based Usergroup to return. Just to give thanks for those who stick around -Jolteon wasnt it blue? and yeah that sounds like a better criteria.
  4. The Mustang Update

    UK users (like myself) can pay like everyone else via Paypal, which will automatically convert your payment of pounds to dollars. And to everyone. Brains are gone for now, they will come back, we may have to start fresh, but that may be a good thing for Black Ops 2. Also, I sort of agree on the medals not holding much value, like I said, we're making continued efforts to make them worth something. And finally, usergroups are being phased back in, very slowly and not like before. so wait, user groups like veteran will return?
  5. The Mustang Update

    i think it has become obsolete, as in no more brains.
  6. The Mustang Update

    Will brains be making a come back? and will the veteran usergroup be making a comeback as well?
  7. Something that has been bugging me

    i used to have color in my name, and then they took away the veteran member group. sadly the usergroup no longer exists, like i think i was a veteran for a month before the usergroup was deleted or vanished or what not.
  8. Something that has been bugging me

    no he didn't. you are just reading what he is saying wrong. if you can't tell your L & R from another then that's fine, but please stop backtracking this conversation. scar talk DONE. porter porter porter porter porter - anyone? wait wait give me one last thing to say. i said the curved scar. CURVED! FS poster guy has a different type of scar under his left, its a diagonal line that goes from the mouth area to the apex of his cheek bone area. (as you can see im great at anatomy) whereas on richtofen it starts on the apex and works it way up towards the corners of his eye. next time please read my post correctly Birdman22.
  9. Something that has been bugging me

    but other than the alleged "buzzcut" or whatever it looks just like rich... jawline, facial features, need i remind everyone that rich also has a scar on his face? eplain to me how this is this and this the scar is even on the wrong side of the face. FS poster guy has the curved scar under (from my perspective of right and left) his right eye, while rich has the curve under his left eye
  10. Check this out

    because its a leak. if it were originally stated as hey look at my fan art of a loading screen sure we could enjoy it, but if it says hey look at this loading screen from BO2 zombies that has been released before 3arc wanted it to be, we're not allowed to take part of it.
  11. Something that has been bugging me

    and gets the others spot on.
  12. Check this out

    you'd be wise not to mention PTG in a negative tone. they're watching. :lol:
  13. Check this out

    its pretty obvious that the loading screen is fan made, there are too many allusions to past things in zombies, 935, 115, the fucking girl and dog. also did anyone notice that it says 1.21 Gigawatts
  14. Check this out

    no that means its a leak most likely, and we lock all threads with leaks in them