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  1. Welp there goes my excitement....

    Agree with you there Pie Man... I wouldn't mind a trailer. I'm over playing TranZit, especially when half the kids are useless.. BlakeD

    NDU is confirmed to be in Germany... Well confirmed for those who have followed Zombies from World of War. The start of the level shows a description. It might just be a replica or something that will develop the story over the next few DLC. Either way, kudos to Treyarch for continuing the story, adding more mystery and complexity. BlakeD
  3. Add me. Psn is blakedrebeccav. I have a mic as well. Will be on tomorrow. Keen to do the EE. BlakeD
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nbphPpY7fI Props to this kid who has made a video including step 7 complete. Just found him and his video. I hope this isnt all there is... Even worse I still cant play, just watch as everyone else has all the fun. PS3 user...
  5. Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    22 on solo. Got a bit bored really and died in a corner... Online 13. Hard to find good players these days.. No team work just frantic kids. PS3: blakedrebeccav Add me if anyone wants a game.