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  1. CoDz Elite Clans for Black Ops 2. Apply Now!

    So what "clan stuff" do we do.
  2. CoDz Elite Clans for Black Ops 2. Apply Now!

    I applied for the PS3 clan as well.

    You lnow what's awesome? My preorder is expected to arrive early by Thanksgiving
  4. The Vault

    I can see it now.
  5. The Vault

    I'd have to agree with this. Woods' clothing and wheelchair would suggest he is in some sort of nursing home.
  6. Ah so this is about cyber terrorism. Anyone realize Woods is in a wheelchair?
  7. This, this looks like the future. And we finally get cavalry! Nice to see Woods is alive, sad he's in a wheelchair; we won't be seeing and Reznov like action from him. But this trailer just raises questions for me. How will special forces, the SOG, be distinguishable from the regular military and what tasks can't they do? What black operations can be undertaken when you have these unmanned armies. Why is Woods speaking in that sense, verifying how essential he and men like him are?
  8. Black Ops 2 Official site & Trailer Discussion!

    I can't see the video either but I get the error, "The Requested Video Does Not Permit Playback On Sites External To Youtube.com". It's so close yet so far away.
  9. That looks to be a framed and folded American flag in the back.
  10. A North Korean ICBM? What purpose would it serve if it can reach the sky?
  11. It's significantly larger than any small arm; it's not an underbarrel grenade launcher.
  12. Nothing is coming up on the terminal in BO with the new letters or a combination with the old ones.
  13. I thought we deduced earlier that the tacitusproductions.com was unrelated?
  14. A Reaper has three tail fins and straight wings if I recall correctly.