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  1. 47093- EBOLA.

    Pretty sure Ebola has nothing to do with zombies. Have you ever read The Hot Zone? It's all about Ebola, I had to read it for my sophomore biology class two years ago.
  2. **The Henry Langham Conspiracy: We Still Believe**

    Yeah, I doubt this is real anymore. It's still interesting though.
  3. GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    Is there a chance that none of this has anything to do with Black Ops and it's just one big hoax?
  4. Henry is a hoax

    Did anyone try emailing that account? Probably nothing but why not?
  5. Henry is a hoax

    I don't know anymore. This seems pretty peculiar. Probably fake. Oh well.
  6. Henry is a hoax

    I think it might be real. There's not really enough proof to support or deny that it is real. Only time will tell.
  7. New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    The best part is that it seems to be directly linked to zombies!