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  1. 47093- EBOLA.

    Alright, time for some spoilers, highlight to see! I think the numbers have to do with the numbers that brainwashed Alex Mason, you know, to execute him and to kill them.
  2. Highest Round on Dead Ops Arcade?

    13 by myself, haven't played with other people yet!
  3. Phone Number found!!! Linked to GKNOVA6?!?

    Doesn't anybody get it? Site: The gamstop site. 5: the number you type in for the theme song thing box on the site. A: ????
  4. Reactions to "No Russian"

    If you read the top, I cared less about it, but just wanted to see what other people's reactons were to it.
  5. Reactions to "No Russian"

    Haha, I agree with you, but that mission probably got the game to sell so many copies.
  6. Reactions to "No Russian"

    I got this game back in November on my birthday, but was surprised that no one had made a poll/topic on this yet! So I decided to. And remember! DON"T FLAME!!!! :x
  7. Request userbars for your signatures

    I got it, thanks Mike Could you make me one more? can you have it say: I'm at the cheeping river. Its near the cheering viper. Thanks- Gk
  8. Request userbars for your signatures

    I have a mac and I only have one click piece thing.... so what would I do then?
  9. Request userbars for your signatures

    I'm going to sound like the biggest noob for asking this, but how do I get the signature onto my profile (kinda new to codz)
  10. Request userbars for your signatures

    Could you make me one with the Gk logo (the g with the k in it) and have my username writen next to it.
  11. What Is Your Highest Round On Nacht Der Untoten?

    17 with one of my friends, I had the Ray Gun and the MG42 and he had the Flamethrower and the Browning Machine Gun.