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  1. argyros

    Number of Prestige levels is 15

    its already confirmed that 5 prestiges are way to low
  2. argyros


    :twisted: gore+crossbow+zombies=good times :twisted:
  3. argyros

    Official Black Ops Multiplayer Reveal Topic.

    im going to guess like a gamemode with 20 people on each team but based off war(this would be epic)
  4. argyros

    More info from Woodys Gamertag

    they should take out stopping power and juggernaut then the game would be much better
  5. argyros

    More info from Woodys Gamertag

    im not believeing in any of this untill i see it on september 1
  6. argyros

    BO Multiplayer FOOTAGE

    the game only looks like MW2 from what ive seen they both will play differntly the guns are not overpowered you have to burst fire to get a accurate shot plus it looks like it takes 4-5 bullets to the chest to kill and the callsigns are believe are much better in black ops then MW2(on a side note both people died from the RC one was sent flying the other was leaning over the rail) edit:anybody getting addicted to the trailer i just cant stop watching it :D
  7. argyros

    BO Multiplayer FOOTAGE

    i dont see how the crossbow is unbalanced it looks like its used for close range and only has two bolts
  8. argyros

    BO Multiplayer FOOTAGE

    as long as noobtubes stay out of multiplayer ill be happy
  9. argyros

    BO Multiplayer FOOTAGE

    Gr4phix@save your judgement till september 1 because right now for me it looks like it will be a good game i also want beta :D
  10. argyros

    BO Multiplayer FOOTAGE

    This. I jizzed in my pants the first time, then when I actually watched the footage the second, I was going "What the hell? Looks like MW2 in the Cold War." I already saw the FAMAS, if you look to the right when he uses it, you'll see a guy rolling. Uhm, I saw the MP5 Supressor The new Red Dot looks hella sick. Again, it looks like there's no weapon recoil, which is going to fucking suck. (Excuse me for my language) I can't say much though.. did anyone else notice the epic Commando lung near 0:30? Those Shooting-Knives look sick though, the Spetsnaz use them, so I know it's real atleast. Hopefully they'll be a BETA, and we get to test everything before the game comes out. @Argyros, look at the game dude, I mean, the Care Packages, the Title/Emblem thing pops up when you kill someone, the "First Blood, Double Kill, etc." stuff, just rewatch the footage and keep MW2 in mind, you'll see what we're talking about. that stuff is similar but other things are differnt like the guns have recoil and idle sway(compare the MW2 guns to Bo guns) plus the emblems look better now and theres not really a title more of a background.
  11. argyros

    BO Multiplayer FOOTAGE

    how do people not see the recoil from the guns
  12. argyros

    BO Multiplayer FOOTAGE

    ive been reading some of the comments on youtube and alot say black ops looks like MW2 which i dont get they havent even played the game and only saw 1 minute of gameplay
  13. argyros

    BO Multiplayer FOOTAGE

    it looks good but i cant decide untill i play it i mean just look at MW2
  14. argyros

    BO Multiplayer FOOTAGE

    deadshock your not dual wielding normal knife and ballistic knife your holding the ballistic knife ammo(it looks like that to me/i hope) and i think ballistic knife replaces normal melee(just what i think)
  15. argyros

    BO Multiplayer FOOTAGE

    the callsigns look more like better looking emblems and then a background

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