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  1. JD_2020 hints at Multiplayer Beta for Black Ops

    He's hinting at it b/c if there was no beta at all he would have said There is no Beta. Not that there is no way to play it YET. There will be a beta... I guarantee it.
  2. Starkiller + Vahn's Tweet

    Turning Auschwitz into a zombie map would be a PR nightmare. I think all the information that we are getting about Germany and the Nazi's and their "zombie" treatments are just documents that the US started reviewing after WW2 to try and do it themselves or do something like it and that the info that we have is the info that they got from the end of WW2 from Germany. And knowing the US they will try to do it better than the Germans did and come up with something similar to a nazi zombies mode.
  3. New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    GK part of the GK Nova Project possibly. Catcher in the Rye Book - John Lennon and Ronald Reagan's attempted assassin carried copies of this book. Possibly part of the mind control and brain washing that the cipher will lead us to. In GK Nova 6 ciphers they talked about the "what's the frequency Kenneth" so possibly all of this ties in with it.
  4. New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    Vigenere with "ice" decrypts a big part of messages
  5. New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    Blah we have people doing this too on I play cod. We need to put all of us in a group so that way all efforts are in one area. This seems silly to be having 3, 4, 5 etc sites doing their own work when if we put them all together we could solve this WAAAAY quicker.
  6. GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    Very interesting stuff.

    Wrong. MK is not, as often claimed, for "Mind Kontrol," but is merely an abbreviation used by the CIA, describing the project led by the Technical Service Division. It was renamed in 1964 into MKSEARCH. Then I stand corrected... sit actually but w/e. That's what I get for seeing what people posted and assuming its correct.
  8. A nuke in 30 secs...wait, 30?

    Hutch interviewed him about it. His Knives only Nuke was fake too
  9. What do you hate most about MW2?

    I wrote this article: 5 Things I hate about MW2 that listed out my top 5 things that piss me off. http://www.hatersbehatin.com/2010/04/5- ... t-cod-mw2/

    I was going based on the MKUltra meaning Mind Control. And in other CIA code names the G always meant German. I was just going based on the translation of Nova from the previous poster.

    Well all other acronyms with G meant German and K can mean Kontrol for German. German Kontrol. Nova = New Facts. We had a document that was translated from German (the 1944 document). Possibly, not definitive on some reiteration of the German Zombie mode in WaW.

    The logo flashing appears to make up a G and K combined for a "GK Logo" Has anyone tried to do a frequency test on the full screen flash to see if there's any other hidden things?

    It looks like the flashing images are a G and K combined and make up the GK logo

    Any hidden messages in the frequency behind the full screen?

    They would not build a campaign around something fictional like zombies. It would be a complete failure if the campaign included zombies. However a side game to play co-op with friends makes WAAAAY more sense as that's how it succeeded the last time.