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  1. The Face Behind The Avatar

    I havent been down there in ages. Used to go there when i was a kid.
  2. You're Banned!

    banded fr usn courrect grammer and speeling
  3. You're Banned!

    Your banned because you have a rude number of posts just drop the hundreth digit
  4. The Face Behind The Avatar

    I actually did look you up to see where you lived in Australia to see if it was close to me. Its kinda close, if you still live in ballarat. im in geelong
  5. GRFXP

    Look, i think this is just going to lead to worse and worse stuff which doesnt really need to be discussed. I am locking this thread, any mods, carbon, you can unlock if you want. *** CJ - I agree with unDead, about carb's reaction tho, not him being an ass/dead taking cred for sh*t, if it gets completely out of hand ill lock it again. carbon, or any other mod, u can lock it if u see fit. ***
  6. GRFXP

    It's carbon's site. He is the one that puts the money into it. He should do whatever the hell he wants with it.
  7. GRFXP

    What so your leaving codz? But its your creation. Even if there is more zombies, will you still not stick around? Also who will pay for it? I know that CovertGunman is in university or something so he couldnt pay.
  8. The Walking Thread *Spoilers*

    Im going to move this to the off-topic section because the general zombie section is for nazi zombie discussion.
  9. Hello?

    Well since your still the owner of the site i hope you know of the new staff changes. Not Admins but Dwellers. I could tell you met a girl, lots of things on twitter about her. good on ya.
  10. The Official Mule Kick Jingle

    bad? that was the best one i have heard
  11. What are you listening right now?

    Uhh my parents arguing na but avenged sevenfold
  12. Bad choice, Treyarch.

    I think this thread is getting a bit off-topic and will probably lead to flaming (well more flaming). I am going to lock it up. PM me if there is any problems
  13. The Face Behind The Avatar

    Why am i in that picture? how did you get that pic? im serious here.
  14. New perk is NOT dual weild

    It is more than likely just the 3 gun perk. about the up on the d pad thing it is probably taking your helmet on and off. maybe you need it to go outside but it restricts your peripheral vision (like that thing that put on race horses). and you wouldnt need it inside so you can take it off so you can see better.
  15. Achievements! (might be a leak)

    Thats right, GAME Australia is good but they are no almighty source of leaked info.