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  1. Dub Zee

    Who is "Eddie"?

    Sorry what i meant to add but my phone clearly didn't type and i clearly like a twat i might add, didnt bother checking before hitting send. We Didn't play as Tank in Verruckt, the marines who were sent to retrieve Agent Peter (and for all the "New players" who joined in from Black ops only, the original characters of Verruckt were not Tank, Takeo, Nikolai and Richtofen) I have always believed that Tank was captured from Verruckt, Takeo from Shi No Numa and Nikolai from the nearest pub (even did some pretty convincing theories on it) But my question is, was Peter the American agent or was he the "Mexican" or is Harvey Eyna "HYENA" the prime suspect still? s Richtofen mentions them quite a few times Im trying to close some personal holes in my own theories and would like your opinion. Also we have a date that connects Maxis, Samantha and Fluffy at the same time, would Origins end cinematic be before that date or after? I believe the timeline is important as ever Could Eddie be agent peters son? Both are American, so many possibilities given what i formation we ha e
  2. Dub Zee

    Who is "Eddie"?

    Very good points alpha, especially bringing older information back to light for people. 2 things of note though, we know the USA sent an American spy to infiltrate vurruckt who was Peter, so the American link is definitely there. However doesnt the terminal files state the marines were lead BY tank Dempsey? We successfully inserted Peter into Group 935 as a research assistant based out of Munich. Current location is unknown, but his last transmission suggested he had been transferred from the Der Riese facility to a top secret location known only as Verruckt. Most recent communique indicated that the 935 experiments are barely under control. Attempts to secure all visible Group 935 research of Element 115 technology have been unsuccessful. We fear that Peter identity has been compromised. Sending in a Marine Recon unit to extract Peter from the asylum before it is too late. Operation leader will be one Tank Dempsey. The asylum must be contained at all costs.
  3. Dub Zee

    Who is "Eddie"?

    Would you even go as far as saying the voices Edward Richtofen hears from touching the MPD is actually Eddie being instilled in him? Far-fetched, yes. Just food for thought. Not far fetched at all, (although i believe the MPD incident occurred after they started hearing voices didn't it?), given several quotes throughout the years, however i still believe its the Origins Richtofen thats trapped in the TEDDY, mainly due to the age 1918 Richtofen then becomes the young Richtofen working for group 935 in WW2, seems abit off But i still believe theres 1 piece of information we are missing, something is niggling in the back of my mind and i cant quite get it EDIT no your right i looked through my files. Maxis started hearing voices early on due to coming into contact with element 115, however Richtofen only started hearing voices after creating Teleporter technology and when he was teleported to shangri la and the. The MPD site
  4. Dub Zee

    Who is "Eddie"?

    Again instead of dismissing people, myself and OP have provided a plausible scenario to who Eddie is. He is not a friend, he is Taken in by Maxis when Eddies parents are killed, (Sophia could be linked to Eddie aswell but that is for another time) these facts are provided INGAME from hidden ciphers written by Maxis himself I have no doubt that the ending isn't what we believe, I still believe Treyarch have made their one and only slip up with the web description of Origins calls it an ALTERNATE-REALITY. However even though it probably is as such, the information found inside is very much real. For instance, Edward Richtofens favourite gun happens to be a MP40, he says so countless times through different maps, and an MP40 happens to be on Samantha's wall. This goes back to Eddie being Origins Richtofens son. Like father like son....in more ways than one
  5. Dub Zee

    Who is "Eddie"?

    I remember that episode in Red dwarf lol, brilliant show The thought of Richtofen messing with his own timeline can be supported, quite easily, we know items, people and souls / spirits can move through the Aether so it is all very possible Maxis mentions ALLIES and contacts in America so the American accents might have a clues placed there all along 1 thing that still sticks in my mind and may mean nothing but its something that sticks in my head alot... In nuketown 2025, Richtofen says "Stupid Maxis and that Stupid Accent" or words to that effect, As Richtofen And Maxis are supposed to be German, this didnt really make any sense to me (until the Eddie in the origins end sequence happens, then a whole heap of what the heck opens up and gives way to new theories and questions)
  6. Dub Zee

    Who is "Eddie"?

    Went through all audio files. The quote is "First ill find Sophia, then il find Teddy" However all all the quotes theres a pattern Samantha refers to herself as both Sam AND Samantha She refers to Richtofen as "Richtofen, Uncle Richtofen, AND Teddy" Samantha's quote is about the wonder weapon in MOON "I wonder who built this, Daddy or Teddy" I Refer back to Richtofens quite in nuketown 2025 zombies "Login TEDDY password IS A LIAR, IM NOT, thats why no one would guess it" There are times when she is talking about the Teddy in different context however and this is where the theory can Differ Along time ago i mentioned the Aether as purgatory, a world between worlds, neither living nor dead, and with Origins. Its once and for all proved Aether and Argatha are two seperate places. In MOON Samantha mentions Gershs soul and how she should have destroyed it in Ascension. Not long ago i came up with the idea and posted a out Maxis killing himself on moon, his soul gets trapped in The Aether via the absorption of the MPD and he is Able to become pure electrical current and that is why he is only able to talk to us via electrical devices in MOON and beyond. We Freed Gershs soul from the Aether where Samantha is Trapped and he is released, possibly sent up to Argatha a higher plain, either way he was release as a glowing ball of light. It is entirely possible that going by my expanded theory of Eddie is Richtofens Son, The Richtofen Senoir from Origins also got trapped like Samantha and Maxis in MOON, and could well be that TEDDY he got trapped in, after all the TEDDy travels through the Aether in The Mystery box. It could also be the voices Maxis And Richtofens Son begin to hear when they start experimenting with element 115 in the W@W arc
  7. Dub Zee

    Who is "Eddie"?

    BUT it still is proof, provided INGAME by Treyarch themselves I believe Theres 3 types of people in the Treyarch zombie community Ones who strictly use INGAME (supported by real worlds events) evidence to come up with theories Ones who haven't found (or played) key things from the older maps and only basing theories off black ops 1 and 2 Ones who disregard the 100s of hidden pieces of hidden codes, 1000s of quotes and 16 previous maps and base their theories strictly on face value of 1 end cinematic (which however you spin it, is what they are doing) It doesn't mean 1 type or another is wrong, but it is my belief and practice (of which ive have successfully disproved 100s of theories to this day ranging back to W@W) we should primarily use INGAME information only (supported by real world events) to produce theories. Most of the information we know to this day was found by this alone PS i have never heard that quote from Samantha about Sophia and teddy so i shall go listen to all the audio files (even if she did say that in moon, i can explain that with a simple theory aswell but il wait till i hear it first
  8. Dub Zee

    Who is "Eddie"?

    Shes not, i did a post on this somewhere else but il do a quick short recap In Origins items from the past and future can be brought to the current time yeah? We also know people can travel forward through time (and back dependant on your view on moons timeline) This also mean that people's thoughts and words could also travel through the Aether at any given time. Samantha can not of been released in Origins, then Released in again in MOON can she? We never see Samantha in Origins like we did on MOON so Smantha was never really AT origins to begin with T least not in body, its easily possible that it is from when she just got trapped in the MPD
  9. Dub Zee

    Who is "Eddie"?

    Thanks Alpha. Out of all the things in game we have found, this is the logical conclusion Samantha in her own words (on MOON) calls Richtofen "Eddie" Indeed i forgot about the Teddy link altogether which reminds me (and thank you BTW) Richtofen in Nuketown 2025 says and i qoute "login TEDDY password IS A LIAR" "IM NOT but thats why no one will think of it!" Theres also The writing in Verruckt and Der Riese that says Teddy and Eddy is a liar / is the biggest liar Im struggling to find an alternative of the origins ending Samantha is talking in a past tense, talking about a Ludvig Maxis and a grown up Richtofen, yet Samantha and Eddie are young. The idea of it being in their head and in a fantasy etc is a valid theory...however as we know, 16 maps and countless years later we have so much evidence to support otherwise. Also as for why he would hate Samantha... Jealousy, resentment, sibling rivalry (before other people dismiss this) Waffles proved this is the case as Maxis says Edwards parents were killed, and that Maxis took him in as one of his own (This alone is enough evidence to prove origins end sequence is as i have mentioned) Now couple this with a different secnario Maxis and Richtofen senior were working at the site at Northern France, however i stead of something happening to Maxis, in REALITY Richtofen senior was tragically killed (Hence the note in Origins about both of Edwards parents being dead. Eddie in the end sequence is holding his Fathers Character model and refers to ALL THE CHARACTERS IN THIER STORY as HEROS It is quite possible that Richtofen senior died saving Maxis, this is why maxis takes him into his home and brings him up like family and why Samantha calls EDDIE uncle Richtofen in MOON (both quotes are said on MOON He grows to resent Samantha for still having her father He grows to hate Maxis for living when his father dies Eddie is name after his Father, quite popular to do this believe it or not, especially back then In Short Playable character in origins is Edward Richtofen Senoir Eddie in the origins end sequence is Who grows up to be Edward Richtofen Junior Every Richtofen AFTER Origins is EDDIE Richtofen (who then Goes by Edward as he gets older) No other idea ive read or have come up with can explain the time UNLESS as i said its Richtofens son who grows up to be the psychotic Richtofen we play as in w@w and beyond
  10. Dub Zee

    Who is "Eddie"?

    Sigh. Origins is the story of Maxis (and Eddies father) told by children, who heard stories from Dr maxis, told through the medium of the game. The principle of the alternate reality is YES Maxis and eddies father DID find element 115 in Northern France, NO there was not a zombie apocalypse (THIS is the GAME part) Yes the information we find in Origins IS real (This is the STORY part) the END of the GAME is the end of the story told by Samantha. Origins That WE play did happen in 1918 However at the END cinematic, that clearly is NOT 1918 Its really not that hard to grasp if you could believe this whole zombie story is coming. Just from a little girls imagination, honestly
  11. Dub Zee

    Who is "Eddie"?

    Still needs an answer as to why Samantha is a child, and Eddie would be a full grown man. It just doesn't work. They have to be two separate people. I must make my posts more complicated than they need to be.... Forget the different accents from Eddie and Sam for a moment before you read this Samantha is telling you a story About the origins of Group 935 and Element 115, Samantha says as much right? It also mentions Dr Ludvig Maxis and His friend Dr Edward Richtofen in 1918 correct? However Rictofens age compared from 1918 to 1945 doesn't add up by looking at him right? Notes found and decrypted in game mention Edwards parents being killed and Maxis taking him under his wing, ententially adopting him (hence why Samantha mentions UNCLE Richtofen) Eddie in the end sequence mentions how he wishes the heroes in his story were real. Eddie is holding Richtofens piece Eddie is referring to his father (OUR Edward Richtofen) as said hero Eddie is named after HIS father Eddie Richtofen - Edward Richtofen Maxis also in the notes mentions a young EDWARD joining Maxis in his research (NOTE THE YOUNG) This note i believe is referring to Eddie who carries on his fathers work and joins Maxis again, Eddie is Our Richtofens son. Origins is Samantha and "Eddie Richtofen" Beggining, the PLAN Maxis and Eddie eventually do in Der Riese Please tell me this is starting to make sense to people now, i really cant simplify it anymore
  12. Dub Zee

    Who is "Eddie"?

    If you take i to my theory that Richtofen Samantha and maxis are related (pretty much proved now as adopted family thanks to waffles) Say for an instance i believe this hype about Eddie not being Richtofen, due to the age difference in Origins.... Have you thought that Edward Richtofen is Eddies Father (A name sake from his father) He sees his father as a HERO, then goes onto be what we know as Edward (full name) joining group 935 in the Der Riese arc

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