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    How Far Have you Gotten?

    Well I appreciate that Treyarch CAN'T DO ANYTHING RIGHT if their lives depended on it. Helped a friend with achievements and even though I DASHBOARDED before it finished, I lost my round 32 and it's now replaced with a round 15. Seriously, this is ridiculous. It's been how long now and it's still NOT FIXED. Even on Kino if I got disconnected it NEVER COUNTED FOR ME when I should have been to round 32 on that as well! But of course, it counts this one. Unbelievable.
  2. Bon3zz1001

    How Far Have you Gotten?

    Round 32 with 4 people.
  3. Bon3zz1001

    BIG secret on Kino???

    It's just the stupid zombie monkey things. If you noclip up you can see them just floating randomly in the air.
  4. Bon3zz1001

    Transmission 3 on GKNOVA6 is up!

    Good job. :D

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