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  1. How did it start for you?

    @The Meh I loved the use of that song in that map, and it was a great introduction to the band for me too. In fact, I don't think I listened to much metal music at all up until I'd started playing zombies
  2. The Time Has Come

    Craig, thanks for all your hard work on this website. As everyone's said before, we're all in your debt for taking on the reigns and stepping up in a big way. Your insight, expertise and genuine kindness had made an impact on this site that will be immortalized forever. While Covy was away, I was often limited in the amount of work and time I could dedicate to improve the site- not to mention my lack of experience. Your offer to dedicate time to create meaningful improvements to this site meant to much to me, because I knew it'd mean alot to all of us here. Now a few years later, CoDz is a beautiful website with all the features deserving of a such an important site to the COD Zombies communities. Through your help, this site truly cemented it's position as the best COD Zombies site on the internet. We've had some great times in the past, and I wouldn't trade those for anything. I was able to learn so much from your time here on the site, and for that, I'm thankful friend. I want to wish you the best of luck in the future, and I hope you're able to devote some of your scarce free time to pursuing a project that genuinely enjoy. As always, best wishes for your family too. As your adventure in life continues, I hope your boys are able to grow to be as genuine & generous as you were here on CoDz.
  3. Christmas Avatars!

    I reached deep with this one.
  4. Black Ops III DLC 1

    The castle has the Iron Cross on it, which has been used to replace the swaztika. There is also an old artillery cannon in the foreground. It's possible this map is set during WWII, or at least hasn't been used since then. There is also a large rocket in the background, which is far off but still large compared to the foreground. The exact date for this map hasn't come yet, but I'll update this post as soon as it does. This map is looking pretty great so far!
  5. We're long overdue for some Zombies discussion.. Can't wait to tune in this Friday! I'm willing to bet we may get some very brief glimpses of gameplay... or at least we can hope.
  6. Staff Retirement

    Way2g00, thank you for many years of comradeship and for being part of so many great memories here. Thank you for always putting in great work, I'll miss you!
  7. The old days of zombies

    I remember shortly before Shi No Numa released in 2009, I found a thread on a forum linking to a post on Xbox.com, where someone named "Carbonfibah" had posted a thread discussing numbers on the wall in Verruckt, and how they were bible verses, and he was writing about his ideas behind the drawings and messages on various walls. I was extremely intrigued, and immediately went on Verruckt to begin doing some searching of my own. I followed this "Carbonfibah" dude on something called Twitter, just a site I'd been using to follow "tweets" about WaW MP. I also found some people named Telixion and Vosty3, making their own videos (A camera pointing at his TV) about their finds and ideas about Verruckt. As it turned out, a few weeks later this guy Carbonfibah tweeted a link to a site he was starting for people to talk about zombies, on a free forum that was extremely basic at the time. I signed up, and the rest was history. What I miss most about the "old days" was the ability for us to take any idea we had, and seriously consider it. Now, there are too many existing theories and storylines that seem to contradict 'new' theories, and it makes it very hard to freely think as we once did. This site is leaps and bounds above what I ever thought it'd become, however I do reflect upon the "old days" with alot of nostalgia of all the hours I spent. And, of course the distinctive horror/macabre themes of WaW are sorely missed.
  8. New Administrator

    Congrats Craig! The amount of work you've done for this site is immeasurable and it shall never be forgotten! Covert and I look forward to us all working to continue to evolve the site and bring new features to this amazing community! I'm honored to serve alongside these two great people, and I want to let the community know that we have A LOT to look forward to in the coming months- between Exo Zombies, and the looming marketing for Treyarch's next work: We have A LOT to look forward to!
  9. Anyone in Boston for PAX East this weekend?!

  10. Zombification Discussion Thread

    With the userbars added, that should be enough.  No reason to drag the profile down any longer, especially as there is a post count already. There is no reason to have that represented in something else. 
  11. Zombification Discussion Thread

    These are looking awesome, amazing work guys!
  12. turning up since day 1

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      Welcome to the forum! Kappa

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      put it in a pot and stir it a little it will come out very based

  13. Apologies for downtime, issues on server host's end.

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      No problemo, glad it's back!

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      The site can be down for a few days time and time again just as long as it always comes back! LoL

  14. New custom zombies section added to site!