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  1. "The Nuketown Disaster"

    There was no need to call it "crap", for one. I don't see why everyone has to be so critical, he's just trying to have a bit of fun. Please don't insult him for doing this. [brains] to help with you -votes...
  2. False Alarm..

    It's just a dashboard beta update for a game... nothing important... You get them all the time for games...
  3. Would you like to thank Treyarch?

    I totally agree with Claire, with one addition, we custom paint a huge CoDz logo on the carepackage with signatures, and just a huge thank you not from us all.
  4. Would you like to thank Treyarch?

    I mean a banner that can be done in paint. Or we could each sign something, scan it, upload it to photobucket. Then someone could edit the signatures into a Mystery Box slideshow style. That would be sweet.
  5. Would you like to thank Treyarch?

    I would say a huge Treyarch logo to be e-signed by all CoDz members would be sweet! It could be one big banner of signatures.
  6. WANTED: A New CoDz Moderator

    Can we not be civil anymore? What, since carbon wants another moderator people have to start coming in cussing him out? This forum still is good, times change, people change, but nothing has happened to make this site bad. I don't understand why people are so hostile...
  7. GKNova6 Zombies / Single Player Connection

    If it is Zombies in America it would likely be the Area 51 theory. Considering Area 51 involves the CIA.
  8. WANTED: A New CoDz Moderator

    I am willing to take the job!
  9. Reactions to "No Russian"

    You're killing "innocent people" in an Airport. That's awful. Throw in that you're doing it on a video game? "IT'S INFLUENCING OUR CHILDREN TO DO BAD THINGS". Yeah, right. If they didn't complain so much about "Human Rights" and that crap we could probably have more money towards cures for Cancers that poor little children are suffering from. Of course, they won't do that because then they can't make money. This is the problem in today's society. Everyone is so terrified of everything. They think every little thing that happens on the Earth influences their child. Besides that, any store you go to requires parental accompaniment if you're buying an M rated game and you don't look 17. So the fact that these kids are getting the game just shows that it's the parents, and that all these analysts have nothing to back up their opinion.
  10. Official Black Ops Multiplayer Reveal Topic.

    There is no "Lee-Enfield" in the game. The Enfield is in fact an SA80 produced by RSAF (Royal Small Arms Factory) Enfield. Hence the "Enfield" title. :)
  11. Official Black Ops Multiplayer Reveal Topic.

    I was ecstatic when I heard the Lee Enfield and Skorpion were in the game. It looks really good but I don't understand what's with the "No Stopping Power"??? If you watch the trailer it takes a good 4-5 shots to kill someone now. They probably have something there for that, maybe not... but overall the game looks amazing. So smooth and detailed. One word - rifles. The game is no longer dominated by Sub-Machine Guns and now people can play with the bolt-actions and the rifles. If I'm not mistaken they have put measures in place to prevent modded controllers. So that's a good start. Now I hope they crack down on the early players who pirated the game. Overall great MP reveal although I hope we get some info on a Beta and Co-Op mode soon!

    Guys stop flaming please. I don't mean to ruin the parade but Gamestop wouldn't have the game until the last week of October. So getting it is out of the question. But if you do reveal it, please post warnings and put it into a
  13. I don't understand... Is this a drunken tweet or a radio transmission? lol I know, radio transmission. Welcome to the site, congrats on User Of The month.
  14. More info from Woodys Gamertag

    If they bring back Juggernaut and Chopper Gunners I am not playing the multiplayer.
  15. Henry is a hoax

    It's obviously fake. People are joining in as if they're a part of the whole thing when they aren't. Somebody made a fake account that's already on the site and got us going. But now when we find out who it was, there could be trouble. So hopefully the person just leaves and doesn't admit who they are. We have enough flaming as it is. Also who is blaming the veterans? That's making me sick just reading it.