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    Bad choice, Treyarch.

    In the standard edition if you add a map pack it is no longer the standard edition so BAM IN, ON, AND AROUND YO FACE. Haha I'm just kidding, but seriously just be happy for the new map and don't complain about every thing just relax and enjoy the game
  2. readingurpost

    Among the Dead. (Interactive story)

    On one hand he is a sniper so high ground seem like a reaonble choice but more enemy to face On the other hand the cave are not a place for a sniper and one bullet on the wrong place could kill every one in there. *flips coin* I choose High Ground
  3. readingurpost

    Another cotd egg? *NEW*

    She says that when the fog clears and the other characters say things to. I don't know any of the top of my head though.
  4. readingurpost

    Theory for Picture with no one in it

    I know this thread has kinda died out but.... I had no idea about the dream theory or that Richtofen was looking more and more like a zombie. But i believe that tank tak and nikolai are super soldiers tested on but I have no proof because i don't remember where i heard this from. In the COTD easter egg remember the golden rod well apparently it is supposed to be a real thing that is a weapon and ritual item and in the Shangri-la easter egg Richtofen gets a pure piece of element 115 and he says something like "Now i can CONTROL them all (insert evil laughter here)" So this leads me to believe that he is not going to die he is going to abandoned the crew and turn the zombies on them and some one whoever it is maybe is going to take his place to stop Richtofen's reign of terror or something like that. My point is I don't think anybody is going to die just that they are going to simply be "replaced". Then killed lol

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