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General Zombies tips?

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We always hear about how to increase your KD or play better in the regular black ops subreddit, but what I want to know is tips to become a better Zombies player. I usually play with a friend of mine, but neither of us are exceptional at zombies, meaning that doing easter eggs are almost unheard of. I feel like I'm missing a great part of the zombies experience this way. Any general tips/map specific strategies/point making tips/anything to help a sub par zombie slayer?


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Welcome to CoDZ @andrew98! I can totally recognize myself in what you just said, as I too struggle to complete Easter Eggs and my high rounds hardly ever are above round 25. 


Yet I can give you my own "eye openers" regarding strategy. I used to walk around and try to to dodge the zombies, but what often works better is to run straight at a horde of untoten, and then go hard right or left around. Like doing a feint movement. I have to admit, I am unsure if this works in Cold War as well, as I haven't played that Zombies mode often.


By the way, on our Discord we have a chat where solely strategy tips are posted. Feel free to join if you'd like!


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A great way to improve in Cold War is to train zombies in the spawn room of Die Machine.
That's how I learned how to dodge the zombies and hoard up in this game. 

In terms of loadout, the Hauer is a great option.
Aether Shroud is my other "go to" as it's a basic get out of jail free card when you get cornered. 
I'm not a great player myself. But Aether Shroud has saved my Easter Egg / High Round runs more times than I can count. 

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