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The Cold War Zombies Mastery Camo Thread


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Hi All! 🙂

I thought I’d make a little camo thread for everyone to be able to see what the Zombie camos look like in game etc. I will update this thread frequently as I and others work our way through the camos to showcase them off to you. I will also put the weapons into sections to keep this as tidy as possible.


For anyone wishing to contribute you are more than welcome to send in some screenshots of mastery camos and I will update the thread and credit you.


Hope you all enjoy!



















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14 minutes ago, Greasytaco74 said:

I have shotguns diamond, and a couple sub machine guns gold don’t know how to upload photos yet, still figuring out the setup of the forum 

Pictures can be added by selecting 'Add files' at the bottom side of making a comment.


So you're a shotgun player, eh? I figured out they are under Secundaries in Cold War, quite interesting. What is your favourite Primary?

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Hey man! I know you got Dark Aether camo finished not too long ago, but do you still need screenshots for anything? I'm hoping to start doing the Sledgehammer soon, but while I have illegitimate Dark Aether I'm still grinding a few classes to get it for real!

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