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Nuketown '84 - Onslaught


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Going to be completely honest, wasn't expecting to see them drop a matching Onslaught map for Nuketown right off the bat! (But that also sets the bar for releasing matching Onslaught maps with any new MP map releases.) There doesn't appear to be any new Intels added with this map, but there are some Blueprints that can be earned for the Type 63 and QBZ-83 according to @Dizzie Bonkers (I've only been able to play it once and mainly used it to get the M79 multikill so you can see how that would fare against the Megaton.) Hopefully they keep that trend instead of exclusive intel, at least Blueprints don't have anything special to them besides a camo and preset attachments (we have Double Weapon XP all week by the way, so you should be able to max out at least a few guns from Level 1 over the course of a couple zombies games and have full access to attachments anyways). Kind of hope they make it a full zombies map, just throw in a Wunderfizz machine, Pack a Punch and some buyable doors/debris for the stairs and doors for a more classic zombies map everyone can enjoy at the same time.

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