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[LEAKS] List of confirmed leaks for Cold War Zombies

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Below is a list of leaks confirmed by the trailer, inside news and some good folks I know over on Reddit. There is so much and feel free to have a discussion below about what your excited for!



Zombies Battle Pass

No More Perk Limit

Elemental Pop (New Perk)

Perks can now be upgraded

Specialist Weapons

Kill/Score Streaks

Double PAP Returns

Nova Dogs

Nova Zombies

Pick your character in Zombies

Original Ray Gun Returns

New Ray Gun Rifle

New Panzer Zombie

Shield Returns

PAP is buildable

Self Revives

2 Game Modes (Survival & Quest)

Mystery box has some cosmetic changes

Weaver plays a huge part

Buildable Jetpack

Melee Weapons

Extraction (Being able to end the game without dying)

3 Maps at Launch ( Die Maschine, Firebase Z, Nacht Der Untoten Survival.)


There is also unconfirmed leaks of  DLC Maps which go by the following

Code Name_TheGiant ( Possible Giant Remake )

ZM_Platnium ( Berlin based map - Possibly Kino )


I will keep this list updated as more information comes out over the next few weeks. If you know of any confirmed leaks, please let me know and I will get the list updated!

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6 minutes ago, Blurryface said:

Yes, that's the Vietnam map. The name could be a placeholder but as it stands, that is the name within the game files.

Let's hope so, Firebase Z is no descent name in my opinion.


Also, do you think Treyarch/Activision does these leaks deliberetaly?

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