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Blundell free zombies?

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After the trash that was BO4, and the general downward spiral of zombies with Blundell in control, I assumed that he'd be fired during or after the BO4 debacle.


Has this happened? Is there any hope for future zombies or are they just a thing of the past? Are they talking about this? I know corporations like to pretend all is well, but they've got too much shit in their pants to hide the smell. I could use some good news in 2020, but I rightfully fear for the franchise.


I try to type this politely, but I call a 1 star turd a 1 star turd. BO4 is that turd. "Always running" zombies is that turd.


Happy hoping!



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Yep he has left the company/has been fired. Whatever.



I dunno if they have officially announced who is in charge of zombies now.

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Yup, like @Lenne said, Jason has left Treyarch.


Whether you like him or not, you gotta give him props that he was the main guy responsible for giving Zombies a MUCH needed increase in development resources.

And he had a vision and sticked to it, unlike others who just kinda went from one map to another randomly with NO idea where the mode would end up.

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20 hours ago, Slade said:

unlike others who just kinda went from one map to another randomly with NO idea where the mode would end up.

Gotta be honest, storywise that was part of the fun for me, back in the day. 

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Thanks, folks. I appreciate the info.


I don't want to hate on the guy, but he just rubbed me wrong and zombies went away from camping entirely, and I love the 'hold your ground for 30 rounds' game even more than training past 100. I'm not against training and I feel bad that I hate zombies now, but it is what it is.


Here's hoping for a better mix in the future, and Mr. Blundell, if you ever see this, I'm sure you did some pretty cool things too (like ditching Jugg's necessity, in my opinion), good luck in your future endeavors!


Treyarch, need a new idea man? PM me. Haha, an old guy can dream, no?

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