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What to Expect When You're Expecting (a New Warzone Map)


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Hello all, Tac here. We have been given what I think are snippets of the new Treyarch Warzone map, as well as some mechanics and vehicles. And leaks have added further (fair warning, many Warzone leaks will appear in this thread and only indicated right before the sentence).


But really, I am just looking for feedback on what y'all want to see.





In the reveal trailer, we see the following clips of what I perceive to be a Dunes section of the Warzone map. It may be a different mode entirely, inside Multiplayer, but the scale struck me as larger than say Ground War.




Leaks from TheGamingRevolution indicate that other than the bunkers and Gulag, Verdansk will be rebuilt. Leaks from XclusiveAce give the newly named areas on the map, with a potential map by @Kalinine:

  • Goldova
  • Duga / Radar Station
  • Mines
  • Chemical Lab
  • Weather Station
  • Ski Slopes
  • Zoo
  • Ruka / City
  • Battery
  • Sanatorium
  • Lake (multiple leaks have indicated the swimming mechanic to return this game)
  • Swamp


potential wz.png


I have seen conflicting reports of whether it is ten or twelve names but at least here I put twelve.


Other articles written in late June about XclusiveAce's leak mentioned that as with Modern Warfare 2019, "there is "apparently a mode" in MP that takes place on various sections of the new Warzone map."







Also in these stills we are able to see new versions of the helicopters and buggy's we know from IW Warzone:




With the addition of water mechanics in Black Ops again, we have gotten a look at a/the boat (also note the lighthouse):








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I had the impression that this desert was part of the campaign, though it would be genuine cool to have a Warzone map on this. However, a map that exists of open sand would be weird; I assume that in that case, we'll mostly fight in tunnels and caverns. Quoting Wikipedia in this: "Afghanistan features an extensive series of historic tunnels used for transporting water and the "kariz." During the 1979–1989 Soviet war in Afghanistan, such tunnels were used by Mujahideen fighters. The Soviet 40th Army therefore fielded their own tunnel clearance and demolition units, which were given the task of clearing the tunnels of enemy combatants, disarming booby traps, and destroying the underground complexes.[11] According to contemporary accounts, the U.S. Marine Corps and British Royal Marines were involved in similar work in the war in Afghanistan". On the Dutch wikipedia page of tunnelrats, it is also stated that Afghanistan has an even larger and more comprehensive network of tunnels than those of the Vietcong in the Vietnam War.


So in case we will get a desert WZ map, maybe a large open pit in the middle for vehicles, surrounded by mountains, with an extensive network of caverns and tunnels around and under the map?

12 hours ago, Tac said:

Leaks from TheGamingRevolution indicate that other than the bunkers and Gulag, Verdansk will be rebuilt

Maybe in Cold War style? Know your history, or you are doomed to repeat it. Has an event similar to the whole race for the chemical gas happened prior in history, during the Cold War? Would be interesting to see a historic Verdansk during the 80s Soviet regime.

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