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Concerning Towers


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In 1945, shortly before his seemingly disappearance, Doctor Richtofen requests the United States and possibly also the Soviet Union to built a Global Polarization Device. The importance of this request is revealed in the Black Ops II Easter Egg Quests, where Victis have to construct three 'Spires' to establish ethereal control for either Maxis or Richtofen. But are those the only Polarization Devices? Are those the ones previously constructed by the American or Soviet government?


Jackass Flats: "Hello! Hello! This is Jackass Flats calling any human community within broadcasting distance. We are located at standard map coordinates, 37 degrees, 07 North. 116 degrees, 03 West. This is a warning to anyone contacted by a *static* group of *static* mysterious voices. Several of our party began to hear the voices and their competing instructions and incompatible demands drove a wedge down the center of the camp. Half of the camp is carrying out the demands of *static* only through electronics. This voice is a...big *static* and its ultimate goal is unclear. The other voice cannot be heard by humans who have *static* on the *static* madness this way lies. Neither of these instruction sets will *static* .understand *static*. Those of us who have not chosen a side have been hunted by both sides. Seeking to force us to assist them. Oh God, they found *static*! No! *static* Get back! *electricity can be heard* You can't *static* Stop! *screams*"

Jackass Flats, or Area 25, was a military test site of nuclear-powered rocket engines in the Cold War. In order to measure the radiation, the 465 meter-high BREN Tower was constructed for control dosimetry. The structure is higher than the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building, and combining this with the fact it is located in the middle of a flat desert basin this means that potential broadcasting waves have very little to no interfering, severing objects. The ideal site for a mindcontrol tower.


So is this the American-built Global Polarization Device? It might sound odd, but I think every high tower is capable of being a GPD, as long as the essential components are present: Most notably a computer, a NAVcard and a rock of solid 115. The fact that every site we visit has these three items is weird, and in Tranzit we even see that the rock of 115 was a meteor that has recently crashed in the wall of the Bus Depot, which is too coincidentally if you ask me. Perhaps either Richtofen or Maxis placed these objects here right after he gained control, hence why we must fix the tear in space-time during the Buried Easter Egg Quest. 


In Shi no Numa we can find a paper talking about the HAARP, a supposed mindcontrol structure that wasn't built until 1993. This means Group 935 was already working on a HAARP prototype in 1945, likely being the same model as the Global Polarization Device Richthofen had put in his demand list to the Cold War superpowers. 


But Group 935 wasn't the first who came up with the idea about HAARP. Conspiracy files, files even present in Black Ops I, talk about the original idea coming from no one else than our boy Nikola Tesla, who died in 1943. Tesla wanted to alter the weather and also played with the resonance of the Earth, as well as with sound and vibrations. He said in 1912 that he could split the earth in two, with the right frequencies and the right rhythm, and, of course, that is what HAARP is playing with.


Tesla: "If we were to release the energy of the atoms or discover some other way of developing cheap and unlimited power at any point of the globe this accomplishment, instead of being a blessing, might bring disaster to mankind"


But a trinity of Global Polarization Devices is not enough to control the world. Perhaps this was why the United States and the Soviet Union -perhaps backed by the Illuminati- with their HAARP and DUGA still couldn't establish absolute power like Richtofen and Maxis later did. The Towers are mere repeaters of a signal, a signal coming from the Aether. They receive signals from the Demonic Announcer aka Aether Occupant and broadcast it in our physical universe. This was why the US nor the USSR would finish and activate a Global Polarization: It would spread the will of Samantha Maxis and literally open the door for the enemy they fear so much. The Aether Pyramid on the Moon is the mainframe, the towers the broadcasters.


Maxis: "Energy from the Aether is at its strongest this close to the Rift. You must harness this energy in order to power the tower seen from this vantage point."

The Rift is the final piece of this puzzle. The Rift is both Earth's core and a gateway to Agartha. Irradiating such an amount of ethereal energy, activating this Tower might be the most important of all. But, as I said earlier, I do think it was coincidence that this specific mining facility tower was chosen. Just like the electricity grid tower in Tranzit and the television tower at the skyscraper in Die Rise: The locations are perfect for a GPD, perhaps even optimal. But I think prior to the survivors constructing the NAVcard table, the tower was nothing more than a tower.

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The polarization towers are always a good topic. Great thread @anonymous.

There might be more towers than the 3 that we know about.

The timeline paradoxically says the polarization tower was built in Tranzit by survivors but:
1) This might collide with the demand list.
2) The Tranzit radios themselves tell you the Maxis supporters managed to get the tower lit. 


Maxis supporter: Hello? Hello? Are you there? We activated the spire as you instructed, but the shamblers are swarming our location and we can't hold against their superior numbers for long without aid. Hello? Please come in! It is vital that you instruct us on that..

3) The Tranzit tower is well built, and there are multiple similar towers around the map, which makes it less unlikely to be built by survivors. 

It's possible that the Americans built the tower in China and the survivors were wrong about activating the spire.
We might get more information if and when the Die Rise remake comes out. 


It is worth mentioning that Jackass Flat AKA Area 25 is in 36.78062°N 116.24358°W, which is super close to Area 51 and Groom Lake, to the point they might be the same.


The BREN tower is a great reference. It is possible that the spire the constructed was not a polarization device but rather something else. 
Overall when you look back at the Tranzit section of the timeline, it doesn't quite add up with the Tranzit messages themselves. Gladly Monty signed the timeline, so this could just be another lie in the timeline, covering Ultimis Richtofen's path. 


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54 minutes ago, RichKiller said:

There might be more towers than the 3 that we know about.

I was thinking this as well. I could see that globally, survivors have been contacted by Maxis or Richtofen, trying to initiate them to built a Global Polarization Device at any suitable tower (notice how one of the people in a radio has an Indian accent). Not only that, genuine HAARP-like structures could have been built by the US, USSR and possibly China during the Cold War. 


For example, the Buried Tower is quite random and doesn't look like it was an actual GPD constructed by Broken Arrow: It's a bare mining tower close to the Rift that was likely formed after the events of Moon & Earth's destruction. Counter-argument for this is that Russman and therefore likely Broken Arrow as well knew about the Rift, and we even see the CIA and CDC is active here.


I think initially, the same went for the Die Rise Tower: a random location but a high location and therefore suitable for the construction of a GPD. If I were Richtofen, I would also send Victis to the high skyline of a Chinese city. However, this is later contradicted by things we see in BO4, showing that Die Rise's location actually has more importance than meets the bare eye.


Summarizing: I genuine think that initially, under Zielinski, these three 'Tower locations' really were random locations somewhere in the world where Victis had to connect a NAVtable to a tall structure so it's waves could spread across the world. Perhaps the three maps even took place in three different pocket universes: one in prehistory (Buried), one in the 60s (Tranzit) and one in 2025 (Die Rise). However, with Die Rise's current importance, as well as other files in BO4 that confirm Tranzit was a Broken Arrow site, I guess there is also a possibility that the GPDs were pre-constructed by Broken Arrow, with the survivors merely adding the final components. But in that case, Jackass Flats and the other radios wouldnt make sense.

58 minutes ago, RichKiller said:

Overall when you look back at the Tranzit section of the timeline, it doesn't quite add up with the Tranzit messages themselves. Gladly Monty signed the timeline, so this could just be another lie in the timeline, covering Ultimis Richtofen's path. 

Could you specify the sections that don't correlate with the Tranzit radios? In general, I'm of the belief that the excerpts of the Timeline are correct but when it comes to Keeper/Apothicon-related excerpts, it is written very subjective.

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