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Hijacked; the MP map's role in Zombies


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Okay this is probabily among one of the weirdest connections/threads I ever made and it likely, very likey, just a pareidolia I've got but I thought "why not share it".


So there's that map Hijacked in the Campaign of Black Ops II (after WWII still my favourite MP so I occasionally still play it). The map was released in the time of Zielinski being in charge, and if I recall correctly he mostly tried to tie both Campaign and Multiplayer mode with zombies, all modes being canon in each other's universes. Or sort of. Anyway, keeping this in mind, we'll venture in the map Hijacked, because the map houses some interesting items.


First, sorry for the bad quality, it is a sunny day and my screen isn't located at a strategic location. This is a painting hanging in one of the huts, showing what seems to be a tower corresponding with those in the Group 601 poster. It could also be a hint to the Global Polarization Devices (mindcontrol/HAARP) encountered in Black Ops 2. Above it can a city skyline be seen, which is possibly a far-stretched reference to Morg City. Which might tie with this are the tentacles seen above it, similar like the Giant Devourer we summoned in Shadows of Evil.

image.pngAfbeeldingsresultaat voor shadows of evil octopus

What can men find more on board of this hijacked superyacht? Well, somewhere in a book shelf stands a book with a suspicious author: Edward Richtofen. Strange, whoever rich bastard this yacht is property of, he has a strange interest in Nazi scientists, global polarization devices and alien-infested cities? As @RadZakpak noted here, the undercrofts of Morg City might have been operation quarters of the Illuminati. Now that is a faction that can also be tied with Doctor Richtofen and Mindcontrol Towers. So is this yacht, perhaps, owned by a rich member of the Illuminati? 


There are a few last things that are suspicious on the ship. The first thing is the pressence of a Dropa Stone (credits to PlayTheGames for this).


The Dropa Stones are mysterious artifacts that are believed to be extraterrestial, and can be found in among others Shangri-La, Moon and Nuketown. If it weren't for Cal, Richkiller and The_Meh I would have never knew about them but they recently raised my awareness concerning this topic. In fact, they are so mysterious, interesting and forgotten that I find it a very fitting topic to shine some light on in a OoFM post. Anyway, for now all you must know is that they are considered extraterrestial.....and have a pressence in Shangri La, Griffin Station and Groom Lake as well. And now on this FUCKING BOAT!!? Did the owner also had a particular interest in scavenging for alien artifacts? Which actually reminds me of the task the Reporter had been given by mr. Rapt. 


 I know the cheques you've given me are more than generous for services rendered. It's just.. all the stuff you've had me do - tracking down ancient artifacts in the South Pacific, finding all these strange metals and rocks in Russia - and still, I haven't even met you face-to-face! - Shadows of Evil radio

The Reporter had to track down ancient artifacts in the South Pacific, and got a hella lot of money for it. Perhaps enough to buy himself a yacht. Or maybe the yacht was mr. Rapt's, which he could borrow from him. So could the yacht be utilized by the Reporter, who had an unfortune day of encountered a couple of pirates in the open ocean?


The main question remains if the ship has any significance and canonity, no matter how small, in the story. What do y'all think?



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I think most of this is just Treyarch being cheeky and trying to throw in some references to other modes. With that said- 


Black Ops 4, specifically the non-Zombies parts provide some interesting context to Hijacked. The map Hacienda is a luxurious Villa owned by a mob boss, and he has a big board of connections detailing all his operations and a group that is attacking him. 




Hijacked is listed as his private yacht and he notes that it was attacked by a strange group led by a man with an eyepatch. And Raul Menendez's blackout model very conspicuously had the addition of an eyepatch.





There's tons of other zombies connections with Menendez, Blackout, and the BO4 'campaign' which I feel have gone quite under the radar due to it being a glorified tutorial. 






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