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Quantum Weapons of the Vril-Ya?


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Extraterrestials were the inspiration for the god-like figures appearing in countless religions and mythologies. What we’d call paranormal or magic is “merely” based on their highly advanced technology. The Chariots of the Gods are actually flying saucers based on an anti-gravity mechanism, the Gods sudden appearance on certain locations can be explained by teleportation and matter transference. Raining Hell and the Apocalypse might be referring to a thermonuclear war and weapons and staves with seemingly magic abilities are actually based on electromagnetism. In this summary of Demons/Vril/Keeper/Apothican technology that mankind simply cannot understand yet we also encounter two kinds of very identical appearing objects, or artifacts: the Summoning Key and the Vril Sphere. In this thread I will discuss the technology behind them, hopefully sparking discussion or theories about their origin and effect on the story.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor shadows of evil end cutscene keeper summoning key

Though one being far more powerful and ancient, I believe the two artifacts exist of similar components, created following a similar principle: quantum physics. To us appearing like nothing more than a metallic orb, I believe both the Summoning Key and the Vril Sphere are so-called ‘ Quantum Probability Weapons’, potentially able to rewrite reality itself.  In quantum mechanics all particles exist as probability waves in a base state of matter. When the probability gets strong enough, a particle appears at a specific location. This is also the main evidence behind the Many-Worlds theory: Every probability that something happens, another thing could’ve happened as well, splitting timelines and creating a Multiverse.


By messing with the probability artificially (depending on how much effect you can have) you could pretty much rearrange matter as you see fit. Also, due to a process called quantum tunneling which allows matter to go through other matter and enabling teleporting within and between universes. So a device capable of messing around with quantum probability is a device more powerful than anything else in the Omni-fucking-verse!


“The Summoning Key is one of the oldest artifacts in all creation. It was used by the first one to mix all the dimensions with life, giving each one its unique balance. Under certain circumstances, it has the ability to form bridges between dimensions allowing the transfer of life forces back and forth.”

The Summoning Key has so much effect on quantum probability that it could create universes, create Agartha, using the energy of the already-existing Aether. It might’ve been the origin of the entire Mutiverse. Now while the Vril Sphere has way less effect on quantum probability, it remains an utterly powerful weapon of which we may have never seen the true capabilities. The Summoning Key was a device used by the First One, whatever that may be. I believe the Vril Sphere we encounter on Moon, on the other hand, is one of the many. Used by the Vril-Ya as weapons or tools, they could’ve been used for anything. There could possibly have been a hierarchy of different ranks or castes in the Vril society, with higher individuals having a Vril Sphere with a bigger effect on quantum probability. When Group 935 excavated the artifact found on Moon, Richthofen might very well have used it to create the Q.E.D., the Quantum Entanglement Device, mankind's much inferior replica of it.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor quantum entanglement device bo1


“The Summoning Key is one of the oldest artifacts in all creation. It was used by the first one to mix all the dimensions with life, giving each one its unique balance. Under certain circumstances, it has the ability to form bridges between dimensions allowing the transfer of life forces back and forth.”

A not unimportant feature of the quantum weapons of the Vril is the seemingly ability of siphoning life force. In Moon, the Vril Sphere is used to activate the mechanism that pulls the life force of the dead like a magnet to the Aether Pyramid, charging it. According to the above cipher, the Summoning Key can be used for teleportation (as we already knew) by transferring one’s life force from dimension A to dimension B. It seems like the Quantum Weapons influence the field of our vital energy, as they seem to be able to generate some kind of polar sides that attract it.


The final, and to me most interesting, feature we encounter with the Vril Sphere (and possibly Quantum Weapons in general), is it’s ability to destroy. Before we launch the three rockets from Moon to Earth, Maxis asks us to insert the Vril Sphere in them, Three rockets alone would be harmless for something enormous as our planet, but a few seconds after they hit Earth we see a bright flash, followed by a dead planet. I’m 100% positive that this destruction is due to these Vril artifacts, and not due to the actual impact of the rockets. 


When Earth says boom, we can also observe alot of electric flashes in the atmosphere, seen more closely when arriving in No Man’s Land again. As the Timeline states, the Earth fractured, and I think this is due to our magnetic field being distorted, possibly destroyed (actually also the reason why the MPD’s connection and control over Earth has decreased). In the Leylines thread you can see a complete discussion concerning this subject. 

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Und here's another thread about the weapons of the Vril-Ya

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2 hours ago, RadZakpak said:


Kidding! Great thread with well-explained info.

Yes, I brought the big sci-fi cliche to CoDZ :P. Naw for real, Quantum Physics is actually quite interesting. We know that for example chemistry is involved in everything: biology, astronomy, physics, geopgraphy, etc. Now quantum physics is even more involved into everything, as every piece of matter has electrons, and when having electrons, the quantum physics apply to you. Actually, when fucking with the quantum probability, everything you can think of is possilbe!

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So upon starting to play the campaign of BO2 (I'm late to the party) yesterday, I noticed something that looked familiar:

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor quantum entanglement device bo1celerium.jpg

The fact these objects look the same is not weird: Both are being called supposed 'Quantum Entanglement Devices'. In the Black Ops 2 campaign, Menendez discovered a very rare Earth Metal to construct this device in a secret facility hidden under an ancient temple in the Hkakabo Razi Mountains, Myanmar. I think the facility is located at such a random and unpractical location because it was here where they excavated this rare element, dubbed 'Celerium' (meaning "of the shift ones" in Latin).


Now how the hell Richtofen could have already invented this device is likely not only because of his 'bright, enlightened intellect'. If Menendez required a specific rare element for this, you probably know what I am going to say, but it makes me assume Element 115 was involved somehow in this (hence why Richtofen could already made the device in 1945: He had access to a lot of 115 on the Moon). I cannot find anything relevant about the QED in the quotes of the Moon crew, except this:

   "Nothing happened. At least in this reality." - Richtofen

Likely has something to do with quantum probability and the Multiverse, but it also makes me connect this quote to 115 in some way due to the mention of 'realities' which obviously refers to multiple universes and the fabric of reality.


So..is Celerium actually Element 115? This makes the location it is found extra interesting, as it is an ancient temple complex in South East Asia that could easily have been built by the same culture as Shangri-La (Himalayas), the temple in Jungle (the Vietnam MP map in BO1) and Nan Madol (Pohnpei). Note that these three temples all have the same reused textures wall decoration. This could be one explanation: the Myanmar temple was part of a global "mother culture" influenced by the Keepers and worshipping Celerium/115. Another explanation could be that during tests and experimental usage of the QED, one disappeared from that point of time and went back to the far past (after all, it's quantum physics so fuck it). This QED reappeared in the place that would later become Myanmar, and early Bagan empire discovered it, worshipped it and built a temple around it. 

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