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Mars/Venus= Agartha/Dark Aether? Theory


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Tag Der Toten has a very interesting "Secret" Easter Egg.




We see Mars up close as we hear "Paraphony", the Shangri-La intro music plays. Now, obviously this is a very famous fan theory (especially on CoDZ) but it seems weird for them to do so much work to create a whole skybox just for this one secret. 


The modern story is very obvious with how it refers to Agartha as above us, being heaven, the Dark Aether as below us, being hell, and us in between on Earth. What if it is more literal than we think?.







We'll get to Venus later, but let's stick with Mars for now. 


There's evidence that Shang is a keeper site or connected with the keepers in some way.





This is some kind of elongated alien skull, likely meant to symbolize the Vril-Ya, the BO1 stand-in for the Keepers. The systems at Shang such as the advanced water systems would also be explained by a Keeper presence there. The MPD teleports Richtofen there.



Now, here's where it gets complicated. The Alpha Omega Broken Arrow world map lists Shangri-La in the Himalayas. So surely that means the Mars theory is dead? Not quite. It also is listed as "Time paradox site" (we know that all too well) and more importantly to our current line of thinking, "Potential Gateway".



So Shangri-La is on Earth, but is a potential gateway to Agartha. If Mars is Agartha, and Shang is teleporting back and forth between Earth and Mars like Tag Der Toten is, this fits perfectly. In fact, Brock and Gary originally get to Shang trying to prove the existence of Agartha.


George Romero also had research about both CotD and Shang, evidenced by Romero's assistant Sally going to Shang trying to find her disappeared boss in the timeline:


Following the disappearance of the Call of the Dead cast and crew, Romero's assistant Sally begins the search for her boss. Her journey leads her to  Shangri-La during an eclipse, which sends her back in time to April 25th, 1956.


The War of Agartha from the Alpha Omega intro seems to take place on a very Mars-like surface.



(edited because I just thought of it): The Revelations House is plucked by Monty from Sheffield into Agartha, so it'd make sense for Shangri-La to be the same way. 




So, there's some evidence that Shang is on Mars and that Mars is Agartha. Now, if that's true, then Venus must be the Dark Aether. Admittedly, there is significantly less evidence for this, but if one is true then the other has to be as well.


First off, just look at it.


See the source image


I could be convinced that this is Hell.




Now, let's get into the storyline evidence, which is somewhat limited.



The only mention of Venus in the story is in possibly the most strange cipher in Zombies history, on Revelations.


October NSA report they found the source on Venus beginning extraction

  So "The Source" is on Venus. At first glance this cipher seems almost random and irrelevant, but if we go with our theory, then Venus is the Dark Aether/Hell. Where else have we seen "The Source" in Zombies?





This drawing on "Classified" is labeled "The Source". From my best estimation, this is The Shadowman, the 115 meteors, and the MPD. The three most important sources of corruption and darkness from the Dark Aether that seep into Earth.


The Source being Apothicon/Dark Aether and on Venus fits almost perfectly with this theory.  






Okay, that's the theory. If there's anything I missed, let me know. Also this does not include why the hell Call Of The Dead/Tag is on Phobos, I still am not sure what reason there is for that.

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First of all, an eye-opening theory Kronorium! The arguments and proof seem quite convincing, and you might very well be on the right path here.


I'm not sure if you already considered this, but what if the Eclipse does not only teleport the site between time, but also space. That would be the potential gateway between Earth and Mars you are talking about. The Keepers have had visited this ancient Himalayan tribe possibly millions of years ago, teaching them about technology, agriculture and knowledge about the Aether, the Keepers and space-time travel. As @Electric Jesus once mentioned, the Lost City of Shangri La itself might be one enormous "prototype MTD".


According to ancient Hindu scripts, the Vimanas, chariots of the gods, were powered by something called a Mercury Vortex Engine. The Mercury Vortex Engine is creating the Tornado. It needs a special type of solar energy from the eclipse, in order to be activated. It was said that Vimanas were being powered by a Solar energy, and then switching to a free-form type of energy that sounded much like Anti-Gravity.


"Strong and durable must the body of the Vimana be made, like a great flying bird of light material. Inside one must put the mercury engine with its iron heating apparatus underneath. By means of the power latent in the mercury which sets the driving whirlwind in motion, a man sitting inside may travel a great distance in the sky." (1)

Now various Nazi- and Group 935 expeditions to the Himalayas were undertaken to trace the Aryan ancestry and ancient artifacts. If they discovered Shangri La and it's mechanism to travel through time (and possibly space), this potential Gateway, this might be the very origin behind Group 935's Die Glocke and Matter Transference Device. And indeed, since Shangri La is believed to lead to Agartha, I could see why Agartha is, or is at least connected with, Mars. One last thing, in the Moon loading screen we see pyramids orbiting around and landing on the Moon, which could be the reason behind all the 'Pyramids on the Moon conspiracies'. But why and how could Shangri La, or possibly another ancient Lost City (Akator, El Dorado, Lemuria, Atlantis) travel to the Moon? Are they looking for something? Or are they fleeing Earth possibly?

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor pyramid on the moonAfbeeldingsresultaat voor pyramid on the moon


(1) Baccarini (2013), Vimanas and the Wars of the Gods,


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Slight addendum but I've realized that if I've read "OCTOBER NSA REPORT THEY FOUND THE SOURCE ON VENUS BEGINNING EXTRACTION" correctly then it might be reboot setup because the U,S Government is 'extracting' all the 115/apothicons from the dark aether. Then again maybe plans have changed since Rev when that cipher was made. 

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