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Soviet involvement in Tunguska

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‘‘I was sitting in the porch of the house at the trading station of Vanavara at 7 a.m. and looking towards the north . . . suddenly the sky appeared like it was split in two, high above the forest, the whole northern sky appeared to be completely covered with blazing fire. At that moment I felt a great wave of heat as if my shirt had caught fire… after a minute, there was a loud bang in the sky, and I could hear a mighty crash. Subsequently, I was fiercely thrown to the ground about 5-6 meters away from the house and for a minute or two I lost my consciousness.” - Farmer Sergei Semenov, one of the few witnesses of the Tunguska event.


The Tunguska event was a huge explosion taking place near Stony Tunguska River, in Siberia, Russia, on the morning of 30 June 1908. Flattening 2000 km2 of trees. It is the largest impact event on Earth in recorded history.

There are many conspiracy theories about what exactly caused this huge explosion, involving Unidentified Flying Objects, an attack of the Thundergod and even an experiment of Doctor Tesla. But we, Meta Zombiologists, know what was the real cause: It was Earth's first by modern sources registrated contact with the Aether: the meteorite contained the metallic element One-One-Five...


There are actually very few direct references to Tunguska within our storyline:

  • In Shi No Numa there can be found a plate containing the text: "Power will destroy you Tunguska" on it.
  • In Verrückt, there are coordinates written with blood on the wall. These coordinates lead to Tunguska.
  • Cornelius Pernell quotes the Tunguska coordinates in the Shi no Numa radio.
  • In the Black Ops terminal it is said that Tunguska is one of the five by Group 935 confirmed element 115 locations.


However, the Zombies Timeline gave us some, at the time, brand new intelligence: Group 935's Siberian Outpost is built at the Tunguska impact area. Call of the Death takes place here. So when Richthofen and his Ultimis buddies arrived at the place in 2011, it was all familiar territory for him, right? No. Recently, the good man Kieren (man just make a CoDZ account) let me realized something very interesting about the Siberian Outpost: After Group 935 was disbanded at the end of 1945, it fell into Soviet hands (also credits to him for the pictures).


Here is your proof! The first, most innocent argument is that when Ultimis enters the facility, Richthofen noted a door in the Lighthouse that actually should not be there, the door which got them trapped. Someone changed the facility after Richthofen visited the place for the last time, an infiltrator of some sort. When looking around in the map's layout more, one can note Hammer's and Sickles, and Red Stars on both the container ship and the submarine: these watercrafts are Soviet-made.




And admitted, Group 935 could've bought them from Russia, but given the fact Nazi-Germany was in war with the Soviet Union and Group 935 could be a valuable aspect to Germany, possibly the key to winning the War, I don't think the Russian state priorizes money/trade over assisting them. So I think it is safe to say both the ship and the submarine, a large part of the map, are brought there by the Soviets.  The ship could've transported essential materials for the scientists, possibly even storing an undead army. The submarine might be very well used to investigate or collect the 115 at the bottom of Lake Cheko, a lake formed by the Tunguska impact. Last but not least: Russian soldier zombies. This is an argument that is, in my opinion, ultimate: After 1945, the Soviets, with the help of Harvey Yena (ex-member of Group 935 and founder of the Ascension Group) and German knowledge, gained control of this facility, adapted and used it. The presence of the Element must also be the source they get their 115 from for projects running in the Ascension Cosmodrome, and possibly Rebirth Island as well. It would also explain the absence of the Siberian Outpost/Tunguska as a 115-site in this map in Alpha Omega, as the site remained a secret to the Americans and Broken Arrow until at least 1963.


Now I have one fundamental question to you: What does this mean for the map itself? Intel revolving around Call of the Death is one of my weak spots, as it is the only map I never played and I am very unfamiliar with the layout. But I know, for example, that the mysterious Green Light is being emitted by the submarine, which now appears to be Russian rather than German. Did the Soviets also investigate Vril? Did they, perhaps, collected the Vril Rod and brought it to the facility? Are there mysteries in that map that could be explained by the Russian pressence?


And to end this thread, a last interesting thing: On a radio in Shadows of Evil, one can hear the reporter saying the following:


“Hey Mr. Rapt.  So I tracked down all the people you asked me to look into.  I sent you a telegram of all their details, all their contact numbers.  But I gotta be honest... I'm gettin' nervous. These last six months you've had me working like a *inaudible* private dick, when really I just wanna be a reporter.  It's not that I'm ungrateful, I know the checks you've given me are more than generous for services rendered. It's just.. all the stuff you've had me do - tracking down ancient artifacts in the South Pacific, finding all these strange metals and rocks in Russia - yet still, I haven't even met ya face-to-face!  I'm sorry Mr. Rapt, I think maybe the mood in the city has given me a little... it's making me nervous, antsy. Anyway, I'm looking forward to you finally getting here”


"Finding all these strange metals and rocks in Russia" sounds interesting, doesn't it? And since Mr. Rapt appeared to be the Shadowman, why would he want the reporter to find this Element 115 in Russia? 

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Very interesting stuff! I don’t have a lot to add, but regarding Mr. Rapt asking for 115 seemingly from Tunguska, Shadows takes place in the 40’s in Dimension 63 where Group 935 existed in WW1 rather than WW2. It’s also worth noting that there is never a mention of an international war going on in Shadows or its radios. It’s possible WW2 did not even happen as a result of Group 935’s involvement in WW1, or it did happen, but 935 no longer exists. This would explain why the Shadowman would want 115 from Tunguska rather than somewhere closer like Groom Lake. It is remote and never mined by Group 935, since D63’s 935 got their main source of 115 from France.


Suffice to say, I’m not sure WHY he needed 115, but if I had to guess, he needs it to corrupt Morg City and create the undead so that he can manipulate the four cursed individuals into granting him the Summoning Key.

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I totally forgot Dimension 63 was so much different than the Original Universe. It could be possible the Shadowman wanted humans to find the 115 source in Tunguska, to make them creating multiversal chaos, though the Apothicans could also simply send more meteorite strikes.


"Just last week there was a meteor shower, a freakin' meteor shower! And everybody acted like it was no big thing. Then, the mold showed up, all over the city. In the dark, damp alleys, there's a strange kind of fungus growing. It looks weird, and smells even weirder, but nobody's really said anything. Then people started getting sick. At first it just made them delirious... confused. Then they really got sick. It was like they were wasting away. People finally started talking about it. I spoke to one guy in his 80s, a fruit seller, at a local market. He said a similar thing happened in New England in 1882.


If they are capable of this, why waste efford to hire someone searching for more of the element at Tunguska? This Shadows phone call is odd anyway, as it seems like the 115 causes the fungus to grow and thrive. There are plants, bacterea and fungus that thrive at a soil with more of a certain metal in it. I forgot how it is called, but there are, for example, sinkphilic, alluminiumphilic and ledphilic organisms. I could see this fungus growing optimal at a soil that has 115 in it. Or 115 is possibly even the limiting factor for it to grow. And the fungus could make the population sick. 


However, the fact that both D63 and D1 have had an impact site at Tunguska, AND a 115 source in Northern France, leads to the hypothesis that all 115 impacts are in all universes at the same location. How is this possible? And had America suffered from a meteorite shower in 1882 and 1942? Hypothesis #2 is that 'looking to strange metals in Russia' was not refereing to Tunguska but to another random 115 impact site. And that the Bar-le-Duc/Verdun area contains a high deposit of 115 in both universes...well...this could be due to different reasons than an Apothican-send meteorite. Somehow, France seems somehow different, just like Shangri La

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One thing that's for sure worth mentioning about the door is the fact that Richtofen was unaware it was there, meaning without a shadow of a doubt the Soviet star on their is legit and it's not just a case of reused assets.

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3 hours ago, caljitsu said:

One thing that's for sure worth mentioning about the door is the fact that Richtofen was unaware it was there, meaning without a shadow of a doubt the Soviet star on their is legit and it's not just a case of reused assets.

I could see Richthofen, with the help of Gersch at the end of Ascension, teleporting to his own familiar lab in Siberia, the room behind the door. However, the Soviets placed the door there, unaware it would trap Ultimis there later in the year 2011. Also, the fact that in the 'Old Siberian Outpost' a.k.a. the Lighthouse, the only place a Soviet star is seen is on that door is interesting. Like they only changed that thing in the entire facility.


Makes me wonder what caused the abandonance of the outpost. Was it the dissolvation of the Soviet Union in 1990? Or was there a major outbreak even earlier?

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At first it is difficult to detecter the door but if we advance a small we can see it. What I'm wondering is, what exactly is it for? knowing that I have just reached this level.



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3 hours ago, escobarrr said:

At first it is difficult to detecter the door but if we advance a small we can see it. What I'm wondering is, what exactly is it for? knowing that I have just reached this level

Im afraid you lost me there. What do you mean exactly? Also, welcome to the site!

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