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Little Things in Ghost Town/Buried in Blackout

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Today I explored the underground area of Ghost Town on the Blackout map in hopes of finding some easter eggs related to zombies. What I found was minimal and somewhat disappointing, but still may be worth sharing.


As many may know, you can acquire the Ray Gun Mk 2 from the dartboard easter egg by throwing a tomahawk. Here is an image (not mine):

Image result for buried ray gun mk2 blackout


Many may also know that you can find the grave of Arthur, a.k.a. Leroy, a.k.a. your best friend in Buried:

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But what else is hidden in Buried? Well, not much unfortunately. In the grave yard there are a few more graves, but I am almost 100% certain they are the same graves from the Black Ops II version, low resolution and all:

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Also, upon entering the mansion, you no longer see the same painting that was there in the original (Someone please remind me, Google and the CoD wiki are terrible for this). You see this man, who also appears in the courthouse along with another man's portrait:

76fe8edd 7ee6 4765 aa6b 6b6b8526580d

Lastly, and most significant of all of these, is along with many pictures on the wall of locations around Buried/Ghost Town, there are pictures of a group of 3 people, and one looks very familiar:

2afbd0d5 b94c 43ce baec f16b3ba23862

The lady in this picture looks a lot like the ghost of the house, and her presumed husband may be the one in the paintings who also owned the house. We can also gather they had a son who is not mentioned or seen anywhere else? Jeb Brown? Mother bit by a critter? Probably not.

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Those are definately some things Treyarch didn't add without a reason! The Tombstones seem to be the same as in Buried, and while this version with better texture quality excited me, the names and dates on it unfortunately dont say anything to me (I always hoped the name J Brown was on it). New intel is that Arthur died here, which is kinda logical if you think about it. The very unlogical thing, however, is WHO BURIED HIM? Victis never knew his name, and it seems unlikely to me that they buried him and created his tombstone while fighting the undead off. It could be higher forces, as Arthur originally strided at the side of the Keepers against the Apothicans....or it is simply a nod of the devs to Buried, nothing really story-related. 


One side thing: I've found Arthur always an odd one. He was enprisoned and seemed to have lost his capability of speaking. Next to this, Richthofen mentioned him as 'a soul already bound to this realm'. Could he be some vague teleported afterlife shade of his real self? Could his real body be already buried by the mineworkers who he had told them his name. Probably not, this would make Buried a way more vague map. 


The original painting was thought to be that of Faraday, the scientist of electromagnetic forces. This is definately not him. Maybe the original one is actually another person as well: This person. I like the theory of Jeb Brown (as the Pack-a-Punch appears in his garden). The story behind this all really interests me. The portrait definately is not the same as the father on the family picture, maybe he is the kid indeed. With the train in the background, it makes me think his family moved to the Buried town from the East Coast or Europe, in order to get a new life. This would mean the Mistress would be his mother. Was Jeb also haunted during his life? I also wonder if you see oddities in the Blacksmith building, as Jeb was a blacksmith. Anyway, great findings Rad!



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