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EASY solo setup guide for high rounds

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I've uploaded a full gameplay of my solo setup strategy on this map, rounds 1-50 are shown in full and there's a timestamped guide in the video description.
Written guide with timestamps (also included in the video description on YouTube) - note I've added in optional instructions for building the stake knife, though these parts aren't shown in the video because I didn't bother to build it as it's not necessary for my high rounds strategy:


1:00 Complete the first 2 rounds in the first room. Open first 2 doors. Activate Sentinel Artifact.

1:55 Check upper floor for shield part 1. Check Entrance Hall/Danu room for candlestick.

2:25 Check Billiard room for candlestick and charcoal. Buy door to the Study. Get shield part 2 from Study/Library.

2:45 Start the vase/crystal step in the Library. Once you're done, note your item in the crystal.

3:00 Once done, head to Master bedroom.

3:25 Check the fireplace for charcoal if still needed. Check above the bed on the wall for the symbol for the Alistair's Folly cabinet. Now do the vase/crystal step there.

3:50 Once that's done and you've noted what you saw in the crystal, head back out into the gallery and down the staircase to the Main hall, checking the wall for the Folly cabinet symbol if you haven't seen it yet. Check Main hall for candlestick and charcoal if still needed.

4:00 Open the Wine cellar. Collect the silver plate and do the last vase/crystal step and note down what you saw inside. If you still need the red symbol, check barrels in the zombie window closest to the crystal.

4:35 Now keep a zombie alive at end of round. Open Dining room to find silver trophy and final shield part (if the silver trophy isn't here, it'll be in the West hallway - you can get it later, no rush). If you still need the red symbol, check there.

5:00 Build the shield in the Smoking room, and the molten silver in the Wine cellar if you have silver trophy.

5:25 Start the step with the Grandfather clock and the circle on the ground to end the round.


6:30 Finish the clock step during this round. Keep a zombie at the end of the round. Enter the red symbol into the Folly cabinet. Open up the Cemetary and look for the blue symbol, the bat poop and a Firegate trap part - one will always spawn in 1 of the 4 spawn points in the Cemetary. If the vampire step starts then complete that.

7:45 Input the blue symbol into the Alistair's Folly cabinet. IF you have 2500 points, find the item you saw in the crystal earlier to spawn a ghost - if not, keep a zombie alive next round. The ghost will kill zombies if it floats through them, so keep them away from it.

10:10 Once you've done the ghost step, open up the Gardens/Greenhouse area. Find the sulfur in the Greenhouse, and find the green symbol in the area. If you didn't get the vampire step at the Mausoleum, you'll get it in the Gardens near that perk statue. Once you're done there, if still needed the silver trophy from the West hallway.

12:40 Head to the Wine cellar to craft the molten silver if you still need it, then to the Library to craft the silver bullets and input the green symbol into the Folly Cabinet. If you still have 750 points at this point, head out to the Forest Terrace to find the yellow symbol. Do NOT go and open the Forest to access the Pack-a-Punch yet. Once the Forest is open, werewolves start to spawn every round, so leave it for now.


13:30 Now use the Folly and your Scepter of Ra in the Library to build points. Your first priority with your points should be to get Victorious Tortoise and Dying Wish. Next, rinse the random box and get the Hellion Salvo and Homunculus, then buy PhD and Stronghold. Then make 15,000 points so you can finally open the Forest - if you get the Salvo before the Homuncolus, you can continue to the next step and get the Homunculus later.

29:10 Apply silver bullets to the Hellion - you'll kill the werewolf with this so you can get the part to upgrade the Folly. Now go and open up the Forest and kill the werewolf with the Salvo with silver bullets. Once the wolf is dead, pack the Hellion Salvo and 4x repack to increase the damage.

31:30 Once you've killed the wolf, grab the Folly upgrade part from the Library by shield-bashing the middle of the bookcase near the crystal. Then head to the Greenhouse to upgrade it to the Chaos Theory. If you're building the stake knife, now is the time to check the trees in the Forest for the stake knife symbols and do the stones in the Gardens. Then go back to the Forest and knife the symbols in order and shield-bash the symbols in any order, and collect the log.


36:50 Collecting bile. Keep a zombie at the end of the round.

38:00 Place the log in its place in front of the Mausoleum. Kill the red vampire and use the vampires that spawn when you kill him, to charge the log. Continue to charge the log in the next round if needed and save a zombie. Now craft the stake knife.

40:20  Keep a zombie alive. Then do the step with shooting the 4 pulsing lights in front of the mausoleum for the 3rd Annihilator part. If you miss the bat, head down the stairs and hang out in the box spawn area - if you do this, he'll hover up and down and you get another chance to shoot it - shooting it with the Ra doesn't work, as I tried here.

42:15 Now head to the Forest for the last part. You need to stand on 1 of the 3 green mushroom patches, let a zombie get very close and shoot them with a yellow confusion shot to make them dig the patch. There are 3 patches total, one of them contains the part, which the zombie has to dig up.

46:00 Once you've kept a zombie alive, head to the Greenhouse and upgrade to the Alistair's Annihilator. Now if you still need it, hit the box for the Homunculus.


52:16 This is the camping strategy I use to get to 50+ before I start the high round strategy. I use the Salvo to fill the Scepter, then plant that and use the Annihilator to get kills in the bubble.


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Nice one, friend.

Not gonna lie, I died more often on the set up part (curse you clock step) than in the actual game/match whatever you know what I mean. 

Just a suggestion: Put the description as a text in your post. ❤️

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