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Can it be the answer to route B on transit zombie maps?👀

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So I was reading TEDD story the bus driver on transit zombie map and he mentions in one of his dialogues once your push away from the bus that a new driver will be coming in 123 years what about if that new driver is the route B think about what if the 123 years = round 123 👀 Think about it comment what you guys think

Honestly my highest round that I ever gone in transit was round 34 😭 but yeah what if that can be the answer of in how to unlock route B 😱😱

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The recorded world record for Tranzit is 149, unfortunately without any triggered easter egg. The map has also been noclipped revealing not secret/hidden areas. I think we can put this one to bed. However we can hold out hope that they release a zombie chronicles 2 with tranzit re-imagined. Also welcome to the forum!

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Though I don't believe in a busroute B, I personally disagree with Boom and I actually think TranZit still has its mysteries.



This thread discusses a new discovered thing in TranZit. In the first comment, I linked some threads that include more mystery topics. Also indeed, welcome to the Forum, friends! 

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If you listen to the driver, in my take on it, the road is clearly blocked, so the driver takes route B...to the diner.


It is route A that is blocked and I think it is just that; describing the detour to diner, nothing more. (Shrug).

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