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Power Station Drawings


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On the West Side and Docks area power stations, there are 12 total drawings, 6 each station. Let's call them Station A and Station B respectively. Thanks to @WaterKH, he's found that Station A uses Hobo symbols and Station B uses logic gate symbols.


Station A


e1534791cafe6cd70c0e12408296fae1.png There's no going this way


617e7ac5ab263a62514fdbb14068af95.png Authorities alert here


4a9a3ec146925377973a3e9ffb46f599.png Doctor here


54d8058b0eff18a28328034544b0f434.png Hit the road


0813686af3fac639995c393467c93906.png Dangerous neighborhood


45adbb6f86ee10afa338830462bbbedb.png Keep quiet


Station B




We believe that each logic gate corresponds to a Hobo symbol, and each Hobo symbol has a red lever right next to it. At the moment, these levers can't be activated but we understand that they only have an ON and OFF function. When sequencing the logic gates together, there is a possibility that a solution can be made - which symbols get which levers pulled. Not sure what else from here.

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3 hours ago, DeathBringerZen said:

Makes me think the symbols might be related to the 6 blue monitors in the spawn. 6 might flash up and you need to zap them or something. They don't show in custom matches so they're definitely tied to the EE.

There are 8 blue monitors though? They remind me of Simon Says, how dull the blue color is.

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Yeah, my bad there is 8. That is exactly what they remind me of too. The dull colour makes them look interactive and they look the appropriate size for the symbols to fit into. I feel they will link to them at some stage. The 'shock & denial' description makes me think of the mobsters dying by the chair and then respawning and being in denial of their fate. It's a tough step for sure.

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