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First of all I want I start out by saying that I feel like Black ops 4 zombies has incorporated some features from WW2 zombies which is not good IMO. The two main ones I am talking about are the fact that BO4 has an armor system(no jugg) and that you no longer lose all your perks upon being downed which is like ww2( this change I think will benefit players, but I still prefer the old system). Now on to the no jugg, a lot of you might think that there is an armor system or that custom mutations will solve the problem but that just won't do. The armor system from what I've seen is horrible and is worse than ww2 and you don't earn xp when you use custom mutations. This means you won't be able to use a better custom loadout if you use custom mutations as your "subsitute juggernog". The other problem is that if you play online you won't have custom mutations even if you wanted to use it so there would be no way to have that extra health. The new perks are either too expensive or are just not worth buying so they are no means better than the original juggernog.

Lastly, the most important thing is that without juggernog there will no be way to accomplish high rounds. There was a reason why there was a challenge called the "no jug challenge" because it was a challenge to get round 100. Without juggernog, I think that there will be less active players this year than in previous years.

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I can't help but feel that this post is brimming with... general pessimism. Which, given, is fine in mediation, but still.


Zombies in Black Ops 4 is going to be different compared to anything we've ever had before,, there's no question. People like a system that works, and I think that this one will still find a way to be worth having. Nostalgia's a fickle thing, and Juggernog being cast aside sucks... but it's not going to singlehandedly ruin the mode. There'd have to be a multitude of issues that would make the general mode bad, and... frankly, WWII Zombies had plenty enough to be concerning and a bit shit. That said, it still presented new ideas, ideas enough that could be integrated into something entirely new on its own.


I have faith Treyarch knows what they're doing. Only time will tell what becomes of it.

("Only time will tell what new questions await us, in this... THEATER OF THE DAMNED!")

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Well personally I think this might even be a good thing. We have the 3 hits from BO3 which makes surviving easier in general without Juggernog. it's not really anything like the armour system from WW2, or I don't see the similarity. You have 3 bars of health that always refills to full. No need to buy it back every round. And the more challenging gameplay will result in much more rewarding high round achievements. And if you want it easy go put on double health on from mutations, you can play custom games online, just not public match I think.


The sightly increased challenge will eventually make the game more re-playable. As you have to depend on other perks more and try different combinations to find the best. Not losing all your perks while downed idk about that, but generally I've seen perks being very expensive this time around, at least the ones that are unlocked from the beginning, so having the possibility to not lose all of your perks if you get up fast enough is a nice little motivator to try and revive your team mates as fast as possible. 


I am slightly sad that we didn't get the classic perk designs back but it's really such a minor thing that I don't even want to think of it as a negative thing about the game.

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To be honest I like the challenge and giving the player one or two more hits would be a bit to easy, since the zombies aren't as agressive anymore. (I only got to 16 so far though) I like the way it is now, it always keeps you on your toes. Which is weird coming from me since I always liked the relaxing and almost therapeutic zombie killing, but maybe that is what the easy mode is for? Haven't tested that out yet.)

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yah, I also look forward to seeing what will be the new strategy for this mode. What I also found out that was interesting is that the AAT ammo is nerfed so it isn't as good as black ops 3 aat ammo which will please a lot of people. I guess only time will tell how no jugg affects the gameplay.

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