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Black Ops 4 Perks

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Data Miners have got there hands on some info!  Possible Spoilers will follow.  You have been warned.


Find out which perks supposedly made the cut and what the new perks are!!!



Guess what perk is not on the List!!!!


That's Right!  The fan favorite, time tested and proven drink is not on the list that Accelerated Ideas website put out.  Can you say UPROAR!  they may have just gave the game away.  Maybe, we are going to see a stronger survivor and not have to rely on a perk to tuff-n-up.


Also missing from the list is 


images (4).jpg

I do not know what I am going to do without either of these perks!!!  Hopefully, reload speed won't be an issue.  After all, I have stopped using LMG's since Black Ops 2


How much worse can it get???

images (5).jpg

Mic Dropped!!! I am outta here!

Let's see how far you go in your quest for big rounds without that extra punch!


 The Originals that made the cut:


images (1).jpg

Tried and true, no single player would leave home without Quick Revive!


One of my personal favorites.  Spamming aim and shoot alternatively is the key to Deadshot Daiquiri's success

download (2).jpg

A reason not to reload every 5 seconds.  Hold on to those precious bullets till you need a Cherry flavored Electric jolt to save your ass.

download (3).jpg

Most can't stand it, and it became obsolete due to Pack-a-Punch perks like Fireworks.  The appeal of 3 guns makes Mule Kick a staple for Machine gun enthusiasts.

download (4).jpg

Run Forest Run!  Getting around a fairly large map, just in time for that clutch revive makes Stamin-Up a necessity for late game EE's.

download (1).jpg

Not really an original, but more original than the next group.  Made it's debut in Black Ops 3 and seems to be "Sticking" around.


Now, for the new stuff.  Accelerated Ideas suggests some possible uses, but I am going to weigh in on what I think these newbies will do!



images (6).jpg

I suspect, just as the name suggests, that this perk will greatly increase the amount of ammunition that a player can carry.  Not sure if I am willing to give up a different perk for more ammo when I can wall-buy, right???



The Website suggested that this be like Tombstone from Black Ops 2, but I have my reservations.  Seems like it may be plausible, wishing you hadn't died and lost all your guns.



Is Vulture Aid making a comeback?  Black ops 2 again, and this perk may have EE implications.  I have no idea how this would be used, so once again, I am not sure I am ready to give up a tried and true perk for this.


images (7).jpg

Nuff Said!?


images (8).jpg

Accelerated Ideas thinks this may be our Juggernog replacement.  I disagree, and here is why.  When you think of a stronghold, you think fortification.  I think, since Jason Blundell eluded to "getting back to the basics" of the game, that we will see the return of boarding up windows as a major plot development.  I am thinking Board Games

images (9).jpg


download (5).jpg

Time travel.  Backwards would be awesome.  


download (6).jpg

Seems like this is a no brainer, right?



Let me know what you guys, and gals, think.

After all, I don't think that this is confirmed, but it is quite interesting none the less.





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We'll see if this is true. I personally see a 50:50 chance. We are less than two months away, by the way. haha



Dead Shot being back puzzles me though. haha


And three of the original perks being gone really let's my heart ache.


For anyone who is going to reply: If you refer to any of the spoiler content, be sure to put that in a spoiler tab as well. <sodEmoji.2764>


One thing that sucks about being a mod is having to read posts like these. ;_;

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22 hours ago, Lenne said:

We'll see if this is true. I personally see a 50:50 chance. We are less than two months away, by the way. haha


  Reveal hidden contents


For anyone who is going to reply: If you refer to any of the spoiler content, be sure to put that in a spoiler tab as well. <sodEmoji.2764>


One thing that sucks about being a mod is having to read posts like these. ;_;

I know! Right!!!!


I am not thrilled about the loss of the big three!  Those are staples!


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Yeah this could be a bad move...



If you start with enough health for 4 swipes already negating the need for Jug then I can see the game getting pretty boring pretty quickly.


Losing Jug and flapping around trying to get it back is one of the biggest rushes in the game (for me at least).


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On 8/17/2018 at 10:10 AM, Wooodd said:

Yeah this could be a bad move...


  Reveal hidden contents



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