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Secret documents found in campaign


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A guy named The Korbal Reich discocered a very interesting paper in the WWII campaign in a bunker on Normandy. When cleared the 3th bunker during the objective "clear the bunkers",  exit the bunker, go straight forward and then to the left, and you will discover a secret location. One can see a wooden table, with a bunch of letters and documents on top of it. All written in German, but in one you can remark the words "Mittelberg, Bayern" very clearly, an obvious reference to the Final Reich. Although I can read German a bit, the words are very small and hard to read. I believe I can recognise the word Ahnenerbe in it, and I am pretty sure the letter holds valuable information about the Nazi Zombies story. Go check it out yourself in game, and if you are a native German speaker, would you mind translate it and post it here? 


I have some unsharp pictures, so the best is to look to it in-game. I would be very keen on the fact that this zombie story holds ties with campaign, similar to WaW and BO1. If this turns out to be true, thank you Sledgehammer!



Again, all props to The Korbal Reich!

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15 hours ago, Nieno69 said:

the first cod i didnt bought


It says something about the corpses of the fallen soldiers (Körper der verstorbenen Soldaten) but i cannot read the rest 



Thank you! The part you translated is actually quite interesting. The "corpses of fallen soldiers" combined with "Mittelburg, Bayern" makes me think the document is send in order to transport the corpses of soldiers from Normandy to Mittelburg. Two things would bugger me: How does Ahnenerbe know about D-Day? It only just began. And: The Final Reich takes place in the winter of '43-'44, while Operation Overlord takes place later, in June 1944. That means that this need of dead bodies would be after the chaos in Mittelburg, which is odd. So the document is probably saying something else, or the document is old, or dr. Straub re-established a sciencific research facility to Geistkraft in the village of Mittelburg. Who knows...

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It is entirely found and translated (not by me):


"I have taken your renewed request seriously. But it hurts me to repeat myself, Commander.
The bodies of the deceased soldiers, regardless of their position and condition, must be transported immediately to Mittelburg, Bavaria"

So the bodies of died Wehrmacht troops in Normandy must be brought to dr. Straubs and his Ahnenerbe lab in Mittelburg. Now the Final Reich takes place in the winter of '43-'44 (or is CoD wiki lying again?), while the campaign mission in which this letter can be found is in June '44. Are the tests in Mittelburg still going on? Or is this letter send to Normandy months before the player discovers it during Operation Overlord? And why is this message send to Normandy? The Nazi's didn't knew that D-Day would happen there, right?


One thing for sure: Nazi Zombies mode is canon in campaign.

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