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What happened to ZOMBIES?

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Zombies isn't even "zombies" anymore. It's just a dumb quest mode with things other than ZOMBIES. I don't wanna be in a WW2 trench with a f-ing dragon up above or look up and see a bigass alien thing with a portal to another dimension. Seriously, what happened to the fun of getting to high rounds in WaW and BO? Now I need stupid little items in my inventory. It's ZOMBIES, there should be no inventory. You find a place to plant your butt and just nail down endless waves of zombies. Why do I need to do dumb things to open certain parts of the map or to have a certain weapon. God, for all the hate of AW zombies at least that had the original spirit of zombies. This new zombies (Treyarch, don't have much experience with IW bombs) isn't even worthy of being called "zombies." Seriously, how did Treyarch let this game evolve into such trash?


I don't mean to be rude but golly, this game has moved to the opposite spectrum of what it once was. That's fine if people wanna do EE but don't make it part of the main game which is of course surviving against the zombies. And give us an option to turn off crap like dragons and bats spitting acid at us. I mean do we really need bosses and other stuff?

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Old topic but might as well reply because I somewhat agree with you. I think all the "quest" stuff etc should be optional and you'd still be able to pack-a-punch and buy perks etc... Of course how to activate pack-a-punch in different ways in different maps is fun and should stay that way, but it's always been rather simple before. In maps like SOE, ZNS and Revelations it takes a lot of time to unlock the pap and that's an annoyance. I think the only map that succeeded in creating a lot of stuff to do, but still keeping most of it completely optional is Gorod Krovi. Yes you have to get the groph modules to get to pack-a-punch, but that's not a whole lot different from running around activating teleporters in Der Riese.


And to your question to boss zombies and do we need them? The answer is yes. Because other game mechanics has made the game mode rather easy, so they have to spice things up with something that's not instantly destroyed by you dead wire or other double pack-a-punch effects. Also the addition of overpowered gobblegums makes the need to compensate for all of the things that make the game easier than it was in earlier COD games.

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I was sorta thinking the same thing before, but Zombies Chronicles made this game well worth the purchase.

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