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    What happened to ZOMBIES?

    Zombies isn't even "zombies" anymore. It's just a dumb quest mode with things other than ZOMBIES. I don't wanna be in a WW2 trench with a f-ing dragon up above or look up and see a bigass alien thing with a portal to another dimension. Seriously, what happened to the fun of getting to high rounds in WaW and BO? Now I need stupid little items in my inventory. It's ZOMBIES, there should be no inventory. You find a place to plant your butt and just nail down endless waves of zombies. Why do I need to do dumb things to open certain parts of the map or to have a certain weapon. God, for all the hate of AW zombies at least that had the original spirit of zombies. This new zombies (Treyarch, don't have much experience with IW bombs) isn't even worthy of being called "zombies." Seriously, how did Treyarch let this game evolve into such trash? I don't mean to be rude but golly, this game has moved to the opposite spectrum of what it once was. That's fine if people wanna do EE but don't make it part of the main game which is of course surviving against the zombies. And give us an option to turn off crap like dragons and bats spitting acid at us. I mean do we really need bosses and other stuff?
  2. bigbluemonkey

    NEW ZOMBIES INFO: Zombies Chronicles

    Praying for WaW and B/O remakes. Maps from Transit until Revelations (honestly didn't even know that map existed until today because well, the BO3 maps are beyond god awful. Don't know anything about the IW maps besides the fact they seem to embrace their campiness but they still have EE's that require a PhD) besides the Giant and Buried are unplayable based on their stupidity and silliness.

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