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Ascension New Loading Screen

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I hated it at first cause it's not even about Ascension or anything at all. Just answers BO3 stuff. Then I came to look at it as it's own loading screen that borrows elements from Ascension. Still don't like it because it doesn't do anything for Ascension like Nuketown did for Nuketown, but I feel a little better about it. Anyhow I think it would've been good as Der Eisendrache's official loading screen, much better than the posters we got in BO3.

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Apparently, that piece of paper Monty writes on is the KN-44 in a hypercube-blueprint from the Giant

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@Rissole25 I totally agree, when you say it would have been perfect for Der Eisendrache

and also when you say it is still bo3 stuff, I can not see either a link yet between this and facts of black ops.

I just found exciting every little thing who remind past things of the storyline, the 1st one that we all loved 

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