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Revelations: "The Gift" (Director's Cut) - New Trailer


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Treyarch put up a new cinematic trailer for the Xbox release of Revelations. I will describe what happened, there was barely any dialogue that I couldn't make out completely since I'm at work.


* We see the original Nikolai in the basement of The House. He then transforms into his child self, and Dr. Monty nods at him before leaving. Young Nikolai makes his way up to the playroom, where he meets young Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo, and Samantha.

* Dr. Monty is seen walking around outside, and then he and the Shadow Man (in Maxis' body) meet. The Shadow Man sneers at him, and Monty looks at him bitterly.

* Shadowman corrupts the place.

* The children are seen looking outside as all hell breaks loose. The four children look unhappy, and Origins Takeo says something.

* It cuts to a gameplay montage as a cool remix of "The Gift" plays. Think like the theatrical mix of "Archangel" back in the day.

* The Origins crew is seen standing in the starting room, each holding a blood vial. They all drink their blood vial.

* Monty is seen in the basement with the five children. While he and the Origins children are in the center of the room, Samantha is looking out the window.


Whoa. If I find a YouTube link before my shift ends I will edit my OP.


EDIT: Boom.


Revelations: "The Gift" (Director's Cut)

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Pretty interesting trailer. I really liked the shots of the children. Especially Samantha. The later half/gameplay half felt weak though to be honest. Treyarch can make those parts so good, and it just kinda felt a bit let down by them. They don't tend to do FPS views with the guns, but they did that multiple times, which isn't good (doing it once can be good).

I really love that shot of Monty walking and Shadowman is out on the hill, and looks down at him.

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