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Gorod Krovi unfinished EEs

Silv3r Energy

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Hey everyone! Silv3r here, and I joined this site about 45 seconds ago. I wanted to make a thread exclusively for UNFINISHED easter eggs in GK. I was inspired to do this mainly off the idea that ZNS had a ton of unsolved EEs after the main one was solved, and apparently still has some small unsolved EEs as of today (Tuesday, August 30). So drop your ideas on what we could try for different EEs in the replies section and I'll try to help with what I can!

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Hey mate, seems like you're new here. Always nice to meet new people, and I see that you already made pretty much contact with the community! If you want, you can make an introduction topic of yourself (but its not nessasery, I haven't done yet either). If you have any questions, feel free to ask. See you in the threads!

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What about the plants that when you hold x on them they disappear you can look up a video on YouTube it is very mysterious

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I've messed around with the vases and the candles, but I've mainly been trying to do stuff that would relate to upgrading the Monkey Bombs. I've tried picking the vase + candle up then picking up the flask, etc. BUT this brings me to my main idea.

If we look at the upgrade for the shield (Tiamat's Maw) and the upgrade for the Dragon Strike (Draconite Controller) both upgrades consist of getting a bunch of kills then hitting something outside of the map with what you want to upgrade. For the Monkeys, we have the first step (getting ~50 kills with them and picking up the flask) so in consideration of how we upgrade the other items, I can safely assume that after we pick up the flask, there is something outside of the map that we must trigger. However, if you throw a monkey out of the map, it disappears, so could it be something inside of the map? Once I get home (I'm at the Minnesota state fair right now) I'm gonna try getting the flask, throwing a monkey at both flower vase and candle, and seeing if anything happens. I'll update you guys if I get any results. I'm also gonna record it just in case so I can out it on YouTube and link you all to it

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