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Something is odd about Monty's Narrative in the Prologue

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 In the prologue, Monty proclaims the Shadowman as the Ultimate Evil and original harbinger of destruction. However in Shadows of Evil, the Shadowman  talks as if he is one of many evils or as if he is a servant to  greater powers. He mentions: "belong[ing] to us", "serving new masters", and the key phrase "Your services to the overlords is appreciated". For the ultimate evil, the Shadowman is very considerate of his peers. If he controls all why not mention service to him?


Therefore, I think Monty is lying. Not about the Shadowman being evil of course, just that the Shadowman is THE EVIL. The narrative of the prologue depicts Monty as at the very least neutrally-aligned, but GK portrayed him as manipulative and deceitful. Truthfully, I think Monty is trying to get us to do his dirty work and get rid of the Shadowman. In true zombies fashion, I wouldn't be surprised if the ending cutscene has Monty thanking us and right before he disappears his eyes glow red ( as the Reddit user  AceCheeze in his thread https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/comments/4tfz0v/theory_dr_monty_is_evil_and_controls_the_redeyed/ believes).


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He never says that the Shadow Man is the "ultimate evil". Rather, the Shadow Man is the harbinger of that "ultimate evil". The Shadow Man serves the "Overlords", which are most likely the Class 1 and Class 2 Apothicons (Kraken and the ones seen in Revelations).

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At 2:13 Monty says "The one and only harbinger of doom". Now I understand what you mean by harbinger announcing the arrival of another. However, in this case,I think he is the harbinger in the sense that he precedes catastrophy, not a being or beings. Plus he is called "the one and only".



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So, the Shadowman is actually based off of a Lovecraftian being known as Nyarlathotep, and they serve pretty much the same function as one another. In the Lovecraft Mythos Nyarlathotep is an outer god who can take on the form of a human and is also the son of Azazthoth, a big bad evil god. He roams the universe much like the Shadowman does, getting humans to enact his fathers will to assist in bringing about the apocalypse. Nyarlathotep is a powerful being, yes ,but pales in comparison to the true evil. 


I do not, as AV states, believe that these are just higher classes of Apothicon that we see in the Prologue. I think it's actually something that we haven't seen yet, and probably wont see for a little while to come. 


TL;DR - The Shadowman is a powerful being based off of another powerful being who serves the will of more powerful beings. But he is, in his own right, powerful. 

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