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Apothicons - Universe Cracker Type


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So at this point we can clearly assume that the Apothicons, like the lil' arnies, the big bois, the massive squiddo, and the Shadowman and the corrupt creatures. All different entities of the same lineage that are suited to different needs and situations. In this, I will be explaining what the people in my group of friends call 'the big bois', but which I will refer to as the Universe Cracker Type, or UCTs for short.

UCTs have one simple task, they break down the walls between their realm, the dark Aether, and another universe. This allows access for the big squid creature of Shadows of Evil and other lower level beings like the corrupted keepers and zombies. Now, when I say lower level I dont mean in terms of intelligence or numbers, I mean in terms of brute strength. A horde of zombies would not be able to break through alone.

Now, here's the fun sciency (well pseudo-science based on what we know from the game universe) bit. How do UCTs do their thing? UCTs have evolved in a very specific way. They have evolved to condense 115 into a concentrated ballistic form, in other words, a 115 meteorite. We've seen them all over the place in Zombies.

First though, let me give you a little recap on what 115 actually is. 115 is the literal fabric of the universe. It's the stitching that keeps dimensions from brushing into eachother. The literal web of time and space that keeps everything all ticking. It also just happens to be that big blue ball that we see in the Revelations trailer. The area we see there is the home of the apothicons, the Dark Aether. It's the place where all 115 is formed, the center of the multiverse. From that point all 115 spreads out. I figure the Keepers banished the rogue sect of Apothicons there because they thought it would be too much for them, it would burn them up, but no... they just evolved to utilise it.

Back to the UCTs. Once the Apothicons have identified a universe they want to feast upon and destroy the UCTs begin the act of siphoning off 115 energy. They then allow it to coalesce in their mouths until, by its own gravity, it solidifies and becomes the ununpentium ore we know in game.

At this point, the UCTs literally throw the unupentium ball into the fabric of the universe. This overloads it, literally shorts it out, there's too much 115 for the stitching to handle, and it snaps. This creates the portal that all of the little Apothicons come through, how the zombies are able to exist. It all started when the Apothicons started lobbing balls of 115 at the universe, cracking it like a baseball through a window.


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I'm pretty sure they just used Kronos as Sophia's password because a huge part of 935s research was about time travel at that point and Kronos is the Titan of Time. Fun links and references and all that, probably not something that needs to be too looked into considering what is on the horizon. 

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Well done, well done indeed. I love sh*t like this!


A couple pieces that I am skeptical about:

*The Aether is a higher dimension than the third dimension that we perceive around us. This is a confirmed fact. Based off of that knowledge, it is really impossible to call something of that nature "the center of the multiverse". "This is it. The Aether. The Infinite. The reality beyond. Beyond your world. Beyond your perception." It is more that our universes and dimensions are puny and insignificant in comparison to the vast infinity of the Aether.

*115 is the glue that holds everything together, the fabric of the universe. This is true. I have speculated for a long time that the origin of 115 is actually from the Aether. I am actually working on a nice, long post on what "115 displacement" really is. But the thing is, because of it's origin being in a dimension where the fundamentals of space and time are entirely different to those we know, it is very hard to say exactly what it is.

*Back when there were only the Keepers, the influence of the Dark Aether seeped into the minds of some of the Keepers. These corrupted Keepers called themselves Apothicons, and they ended up in a war with their Keeper brethren. The Apothicons lost that "Great War", and were banished to the Dark Aether that had corrupted them. Over the millennia of living in a dimension beyond their own, they evolved and mutated until they resembled the Apothicons we know today.


Now onto the "classes" of Apothicons:


*Zombies: Corpses reanimated via 115.

*Margwa: Nonhuman Apothicon organism under the control of the "Overlords".

*Nethoth: Flying insect-like organism.

*Na'orruja: Apothicon Servant


*The Shadow Man: "The one and only original harbinger of doom", evidently far more powerful than he let on in Shadows of Evil.


*Class 1(Kraken/Arnies): The ones in the sky and the jars, they are one and the same. One older, one younger.

*Class 2: The ones seen sending 115 through time and space into other realities.


That is how I classify them.

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Oh yeah, you have to remember a few things, when I'm writing all the stuff tonight it's off a heavy alcohol binge. I'm a very drunk man at the moment! So yeah, forgive me if I didn't quite nail the classifications. I can do better with the other stuff though. 


When I say it's the center of the multiverse I dont mean the same way that the sun is the center of the universe. The Aether is beyond the third dimension, correct. It is a dimension unto itself that, much like the 115 it creates, is woven throughout reality. Um. Easiest example that is slightly wrong because of its simplicity, but I'm drunk so it'll do for now. Think the Void from Doctor Who. The in-between space. 

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11 minutes ago, Syphillis said:

It depends on how much they are sticking to the mythos of Lovecraft. The Shadowman can change forms because he is more human than apothic.

The Keepers are not really based off of Lovecraft. We don't really know that the Shadowman is closer to human than the other Apothicons like Nyarlathotep is.

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