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mangler helmet solo (possibly the others as well)


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1 hour ago, Ragdo11706 said:

Go up to them and check them, sometimes it takes a minute for the texture to display. 


Also make sure your shooting off 5 arms and 5 helmets/headshots. I recommend  doing the lockdown process in order to obtain this as early as possible.

yeah i was only shooting the helmets off at first i guess the first time we did it we shot the arms off without knowing it was part of the step.

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I've also had issues getting these solo and co-op, still yet to acquire the Valkyrie helmet. 


@Ragdo11706 Is that 5 arms and helmets for the Mangler helmet, or are the arms for the Valkyrie hemlet? If there are 2 steps to each then that is the issue, you get an audio cue for each step. If there is only one step for each helmet, I have often had the audio cue for both helmets and they never appear. There appears to be a lot of conflicting information online as to what the actual steps are.

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Just a bit of updated information on this as every guide/video I have seen either has conflicting information or simply states 'kill manglers and valkyries' for the helmets. There are 2 triggers for both helmets and the wings, which is why a lot of people are having issues with hearing an audio cue and then thinking the item is bugged.


Wings -


1. Ride the dragon to the Hatchery from all 3 locations (Dragon Command, Tank Station and Supply Depot)

2. Acquire the Gauntlet of Siegfried


Mangler Helmet -


1. Shoot the arm off of 5 Manglers

2. Shoot the helmet off of 5 manglers


Valkyrie Helmet


1. Shoot the arms off of ? Valkyrie drones

2. Destroy the camera on ? Valkyrie drones


Not 100% on the numbers for the Valkyrie Helmet, and I don't think you have to destroy all arms like you do for the challenge. A certain number of arms seems to suffice, even if you were only to shoot one arm on each Valkyrie drone.



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