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Gorod Krovi all high round strategies! Updated 7/19/16

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It's that time again!!


If you're like me then you play zombies for the high rounds. I wasn't really impressed with ZNS but that's no matter, because now it seems we have been given another "old school-esque" map, and there is plenty of potential for high round strategies.


For anyone who hasn't seen the other threads I've done, this is where you come after you've already made it past the shield, the specialist weapon, that new dragon call thing, the PaP, the melee weapons, etc.


This thread is made to try and help anyone get to higher rounds.



Camping Strats:

This map seems to lend itself to camping so far (though its only been a day, so that probably has something to do with it) so I'll address those first. Here you go:



Video from ToProForuGames: https://www.youtube.com/c/toproforugames/videos


I recommend visiting this guys channel. The best way to get through the low rounds quickly is with the melle weaposn ,and he's got guides for all of them. Just a thought.





Video from TheRelaxingEnd: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWVuy4NPohItH9-Gr7e8wqw


King of the high round camp :D





Video from Brykks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzwv5X7ViSSZinfhFVPY6LA


Similar to RelaxingEnd's strat, just solo





Video from ZombieFaktory: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJsHR1yK6gpGP_VE6fbiy0Q



 See also this video from our very own @STASIBOMB!





Now some training strats:




That's all I've got, if you guys find anything new leave it in the comments and I'll add it!


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Nice Topic :) - The final camping strat is the one I Used. I thought I was the only one XD - I guess that's never the case.


Would be appreciated if you could put mine in the list. Why support a big youtuber, when you can support someone in the same crowd, who speaks the same language!



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