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Maelstrom of Eris

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Hey gang, sorry for my absence. Went on vacation end of May, and have been busy almost non stop since returning. More on that another time. 


I'm here right now to quickly talk about the name for the upgraded Mark 3. It's name is the Maelstrom of Eris. She was in Greek mythology, the goddess of strife and discord. With Homer comparing her to Enyo, a goddess of war. Whom was also her sister. With Ares being their brother. In many accounts, Zeus and Hera would therefore be her parents. Here is an excerpt of Strife, presumably Eris, from Homers Iliad:


"Strife whose wrath is relentless, she is the sister and companion of murderous Ares, she who is only a little thing at the first, but thereafter grows until she strides on the earth with her head striking heaven. She then hurled down bitterness equally between both sides as she walked through the onslaught making men's pain heavier. She also has a son whom she named Strife." 


That's as much info as I will include on her for now. As for a Maelstrom. This is far simpler, as it is a common phenomena in water. It is just a whirlpool of spinning water when two opposing currents meet. This could be used in reference to the common theme of opposing forces throughout the narrative.  With Eris being an allusion for the giant robots. 

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9 minutes ago, tEfugleskremmel said:

She was in Greek mythology, the goddess of strife and discord.


That's all you'll say about it?! She's the daughter of Cronus too (Kronorium?), and she dwells in aether!!

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9 minutes ago, Tac said:


That's all you'll say about it?! She's the daughter of Cronus too (Kronorium?), and she dwells in aether!!

I said "for now" hahaha


i absolutely made that connection immediately. But given that the Kronorium is likely a book, i figured Eris and her relation to Kronos to be just allusion. Although the Kronorium could be a compendium of his knowledge, who knows for now. Most of the names of guns link to many different mythologies in past maps and allude to the storyline or elements therein, but primarily in name only. But the aether part....I mean damn, Treyarch is certainly winking hard at us at this point huh? Haha. 

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So I'd like to add to this topic with the other pap'ed names for the other new weapons, rather than make individual topics for them. 


So first, the Shadowclaw. It's upgraded name is "Apollo's Fervor". Apollo is a well known God in Greek mythology. Son of Zeus and twin brother of Artemis. Most often associated as the God of music, poetry, sun and light, interestingly both healing AND plague, and finally even more intriguingly, truth and prophecy. Given that when pap'ed, when shot at teammates it will revive them, it is fitting with his healing attributes. Story wise, him being the god of truth and prophecy ties in well with the "Primis will fail" motif established early in SoE. As for Fervor, it is intense and passionate feeling. With the associated synonyms, intensity, zeal, enthusiasm, energy, fire and spirit amongst many others. Those last three are all common elements throughout the story and within the theme of this map. Energy = Power/115, Fire = Dragons and Spirit = Souls within Summoning Key. It should also be noted that he is yet another grandchild of Kronos. Again, these are just allusions based on my observations, and not taken as fact. 


As for the FFAR, "The Formless Fear", I believe @MrRoflWaffles covered it's explanation quite well in his video. The PPSH becomes "The Grim Reaper" which, again, should be a fairly self explanatory name. 

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CoDZ is a mashup of all kinds of religions. And for the Aether, however we get more explanation of it, it confuses me more and more. It is a interdimensional dimension. The Apothicans were banished to it, but when you are there you get control over zombies? And it powers Keeper devices. Weird

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