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Leng's Ping Beast

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This is the name for the PaPed MX Garand. I could only find one instance for Leng popping up that is not just a Chinese surname. And lo and behold, it appears within the Cthulu Mythos. 

Leng is a cold, arid plateau whose location varies depending on the story. The Plateau of Tsang, mentioned by Lovecraft and other authors, is likely a region of Leng. Abdul Alhazred, a Lovecraft character, describes Leng as a place where realities converge. This likely explains why its location is not precise. 

It's first appearance is in Lovecrafts The Hound. In which, according to the Necronomicon, it is in Central Asia. Inhabited by a human corpse-eating cult. 

At this time, I am unable to find a reference to a "Ping Beast" which may be in reference to another inhabitant of Leng. I do have a feeling, that with other examples so far with the Cthuly Mytjos appearing in zombies, that Treyarch may have taken artistic license with an existing beast/outer god from Lovecrafts work. I will continue to look though. 

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