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slow zombies all game?

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I was playing last night and for some reason the zombies were slow the whole game. Its like they were set on round 1 but it was round 20 and they never ran or anything but a slow walk kinda like on round one.


I looked online but I couldn't find anything really.


Edit: we were on a non ranked game as well.

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Since the last update some strange things happened to me (rank game)

If you do the Part of the ragnarok with the rocket - the Zombies at the rocket pad inside the teleporting room dont attack you - they Stay in spawn and Run away...(happened three times in a row) edit: four times - Definitely they fu**ed up when they removed the glitch

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Only major change that I have seen was that the zombies that would spawn after flipping the lander switch. If you would fling instead of finishing the step it would spawn 10 zombies around the map so you could get points and upgrade all bows by round 3...but that has been fixed...I never knew it was a glitch...I thought it was like the zombie multiplier thing in SoE.

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Both of these issues seem to have been added with the most recent update. It doesn't effect every game, but I have had walking zombies on round 25. Funny thing is, you will still get the occasional runner on an early round, and the last zombie of the round will still be a runner. 

With the rocket test, when I activate the switch for the ragnarok part, a couple of zombies will spawn from the windows, then the rest will bunch up to the left of the teleporter on a ledge. When the 3rd light on the control panel flashes green (before it is ready to activate), all the zombies will drop down in one group. 

@Nieno69 I hope the rocket test bug is a byproduct of the fix, not the answer! That would be one of the laziest solutions to a problem to date.


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