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Guys, I did it.. I found the starting step in an easter egg! SPIDER WEBS!!

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So far I have found 2 because I have a secret way to see every single thing in the map. Anyway, to show proof of this, There is one that is super hard to see. Maybe mess with your tv's colors/brightness. The 1st and hardest one to see is right next to player spawn. It's in the zombie spawn window right next to the stairs leading up to Nero's room. It's in the very back top right corner partly attached to the black hose on the back wall. The second one I have found is in Nero's room. It's in another zombie spawn window to the right of Nero's spinning board that he killed his wife on. That one is pretty noticeable. GET HUNTING HUNTERS! I am 100% positive this is part of an easter egg.

Someone got any ice? I'm on fire baby! :)

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Ok, how do you know this is part of an, "Easter Egg", that's a pretty BOLD statement to come in a be making, on a new account, providing ZER0 evidence, other than some "Silly" theatre trick, in a half-glitched "Theatre Mode".

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There's nothing here. MadGaz and Iowa tried this, and things got really ugly in the community and they really messed up their rep. "Don't count your chickens..."

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