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For the love of god, Please let the dragons feast/ Annoying things that players do on Der Eisendrache

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What's it with these idiot players that are so trigger happy that they refuse to let the dragon feast on zombies? I just don't get it. I know a lot of players' self-esteem is linked to how many kills they get but this is just stupidity. The bow updated or not is a nifty weapon to have and hold so why are players so intent in hindering others from achieving that?

Other notable mentions

* Not saving some zombies at the end of the round.There's a lot stuff to do on map, be a little considerate and allow them to have a little time to do what they have to do. It isn't asking a lot. 

* Messing or Obstructing other's players quest. Is it that hard to figure out if someone is trying to lead a group of crawlers to a glowing purple circle that they're probably trying to complete a quest and don't need your dense ass coming through and ******ng all over that.

* Not strategically using the early rounds to get stuff done. 4 of us do not need to kill zombies in front one dragon, go to another dragon if possible and get that process started. I can't tell you the number of times, where I have left someone to attend another dragon and they follow me to the new spot abandoning the incomplete dragon spot they were just at. Jesus be some sense

Playing with randoms is not the one. 


What are your observed annoyances concerning other players and this map ???


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It sucks to play with randoms - I never end a game on the eisendrache normally with randoms every time the host left ... So That's the most disturbing thing about the randoms...

Further it's normal if a Player is New to the map that he follows you (i like that if they dont know what to do)

It's better than you feed a dragon and they all kill the Zombies to far away...

But after the this round the Player should know what to do  in the map.... it's no fun for you and the others to die every round and you have to Revive them and cannot get the quests... 


It's all about the new guys - how do they should know they have to get the shield and Jug if they dont know what it does...

I remember the First time I Played Kino der toten i died every time by the Wolfs - today i laugh about how you can get Killed by them ;)

So let them experience - as long as they dont left the game it's all good

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Welcome to the Forums hope you like it here. 

Welcome to the wonderful world of COD Zombies and playing with randoms, something that I would highly suggest you not do, unless of course your playing for fun, and trolling them.

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