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"Pretty Bold Statement Ragdoll"


So some of you may or may NOT know, someone already streamed Der Eisendrache on Twitch (Dont worry no spoilers here). Now I didn't see much at all, maybe 15-20 minutes of gameplay, nothing special, other than the map itself. 

I honestly believe, once this map is released for XBone, it'll become my favorite map of all time. A few days ago I was hesitant, and in a way "Disappointed". However, I can tell you, I no longer feel this way.


So visually, I would say "Stunning". The map looks soo good, really it's impressive to say the least. 

As far as the story is concerned, shits about to get deep, Real deep. I think D.E. will be the "Richest" with the amount of information it holds, from tying "loose ends" where we finally understand some of the questions we've had for a long time.

As well as expand on the "Keepers" & "Apothicons" we were introduced to in, Shadows of Evil, As they are vital to the story and more importantly, "Primis". (Mind you what I saw, no audio was provided, only the individuals voice conversing with one another.)


There seems to be a diverse group of enemies we'll be facing, from the Panzer 2.0, HellHounds, Zombies, Keepers (maybe), & god only knows what else. We'll definitely be provided plenty of fun, new, and interesting ways to disperse the hoards.

From the "Wrath of the Ancients" or the Apothicon Bow, which are very similar to the Origins Staves & can be Upgraded. To The Ragnarok DG-4, which could also be the Gravity Spikes. 

We've also seen a fair few amount of Traps, from a "Tesla Coil" a F*****G "Death Ray", "Trap Doors", & this is only what they've shown. 


50% bigger than the Giant, aye. Too bad that didn't include the Verticality we see here, the map looks huge, with some nice open areas. Doesn't seem to be a cluster f**k of narrow alleyways we never use. Nevertheless we will soon find out.

In traversing a map of this size & Nature, they didn't leave it up to only using our feet to get around. We've seen a "Gondola", although it's unclear wether or not we can actually use this outside of starting the map. 

They've also shown us the WunderSphere, similar to the Bounce Pads on Moon. There's also an achievement linked to using all of them twice, "Fling me To the Moon."


Well guys, this is my honest opinion, where not even a week or so ago, I was less than thrilled about, Der Eisendrache even disappointed. After seeing the Achievement/Trophies list and a tiny bit of gameplay, I'm stoked, haven't been this excited in a long time.


I wanted to go ahead & add this to the O.P. as I feel its fairly important overall, I mainly wanted to show off the depth of detail.

During Origins, we are introduced to the "Hall of Ancestors" which contains within it, Giant Stone Statues of our beloved O4. 

Der Eisendrache, being heavily influenced by Origins, appears to house another one of these "Hall of Ancestors", which will more than likely play a Vital role in the Main Quest, "My Brothers Keeper".

I want to focus on the amount of effort and detail that went into this area, as well as the rest of the map. Also before I forget, did I mention that things were about to get Deep?

Let's take a look shall we....


F*****G Amazing, I can't wait to play this map.

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reddit showed that there was an intro cutscene. I haven't seen it but I'm highly interested in the comments. "iron giant SMASH!"

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4 minutes ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

reddit showed that there was an intro cutscene. I haven't seen it but I'm highly interested in the comments. "iron giant SMASH!"

I hadn't checked it out as of right now. I will in due time.

Although I did see how the intro was shown.

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As usual (since I just don't care), I don't stay away from spoilers, so I've seen it all haha.  I agree, I don't even enjoy playing zombies and this map has me hype.

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6 minutes ago, Tac said:

As usual (since I just don't care), I don't stay away from spoilers, so I've seen it all haha.  I agree, I don't even enjoy playing zombies and this map has me hype.

Me either, I actually kind of prefer going in a map, having a half-assed sense of feeling like I know what I'm doing. If I had a group of people I played with in a regular basis, I would rather NOT know (being I have no access to internet this isn't a possibility). 

The excitement factor is definitely there, so many ways of traveling, & killing, & killing, & traveling. The map seems huge to me, and it's not quite as tight, has some breathing room.

*Deleted double post, I don't know why I edited that one, it made this a new one, & saved the other one as well. Odd.

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