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Alternate Ammo Change


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Summary of thread: Alternate Ammo types have changed since launch.

Currently, by my reckoning:

Blast Furnace: excellent for pooled up crowds. Still counts towards gun challenges (only one that does?). Works poorly on uneven ground. Procs every 15 seconds.

Fireworks: works better than ever, takes out all in sight range. Works on uneven ground. Can be more reliable versus trains than BF. Pooled up zombies, camping, are both possible, but procs infrequently like BF.

Turned: excellent for camping. Gets a good number of kills. Helps hold zombies at bay. Later, may have 2 Turned zombies at once.

Dead Wire: actually useful now. Kills a few zombies only, but procs constantly. Good for pooled up zombies, decent for camping.

Thunder Wall: it seems to kill more than it looks like, but i still find it to be the least impressive. Use like DW on pooled zombies. Doesn't seem to proc as often as DW. Least tested by me, opinions always welcome.


Original thread>>>>>

I noticed that Blast Furnace got nerfed, killing only 10 zombies at a time recently, instead of the usual 20ish. Edit: it seems as if it is less prone to spreading. If you have a really tight group, it will take them out, but igniting a zombie in a conga line only burns a couple now. Many of the ember zombies don't ignite anymore.

Did they at least bring up the quality of others?

I noticed last night that Thunder Wall is still poo, but did Deadwire or Fireworks get better?

Fireworks always seemed inconsistent in effect, so i usually just stick to Turned and Blast Furnace. It seems that Turned is almost the best now.

I like variety, so I'd love if they were all comparable. But i fear that they just hurt Blast Furnace only.

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Summary of thread.
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Haha, wow. If you had all 24 Zombies in a tight group, Blast Furnace would kill them all. It's funny how they "Fix" everything that's "Fun" in a map, yet they wait 2 months for the Wunder Weapon upgrade, while laughing at us for being F*****G idiots, searching for something that wasn't even there to begin with. 

Other stuff, like I don't know, "Glitches" they could care less about half the time, some of which never get fixed (I'm talking to you single window spawn in Der Reise, Der Reise 2.0, & The Giant).

Really it blows my mind.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Still testing, but what I've found:

There seems to be an increase of time between procs. Slight, but noticeable. Like 5-10 seconds more of delay between procs.

Blast furnace: doesn't spread as easily, this is greatly hampered by uneven ground. For best results, pack the zombies tight and shoot on even ground.

Turned: i don't think this got nerfed, it just glitches out and the turned guy doesn't run around sometimes.

Fire works: the effect ends in about a third of the time that it used to. While it sounds bad, it isn't, because it had already killed everything around you by then and the extra couple seconds didn't really matter. Also, it seems to kill better at higher rounds. It used to wimp out in the 40 rounds, but is now killing entire crowds over round 50. It works well on uneven ground.

I haven't really used thunder wall nor dead wire enough recently to judge them for changes. I had already maxed out DW, so i could eventually judge it, but i have rarely used TW, so i can't judge it without a decent amount of prior experience.

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Turned was working fine last night. Just the occasional derpy turned zombie. If it was nerfed, it was slight.

Thunder wall gets more kills than you think, but isn't good for groups, it is like dead wire: it triggers more, but kills less.

Speaking of dead wire: a month or so ago i stood on a box glitch to test alternate ammo on helpless crowds of zombies. Dead wire would light up a couple of zombies, but not kill them in the 30s. It was fairly useless.

So i tested it last night to see if it was buffed and it is. Round 52 i tested it. It kills 1-4(?) Zombies at a time, but procs constantly. They have to be a tight group to get multiple kills, but it keeps killing so frequently that it's actually decent now.

So fireworks and blast furnace can take out groups. BF is best for flat areas, FW for stairs/uneven ground areas.

Thunder wall and dead wire are good for circling crowds and constantly firing at them.

Turned is best for camping, but can always be used.

*Note: i said in the last post that the shorter fireworks was not an issue. That's not entirely true as i have found that i could almost camp with fireworks, if they had left the animation a couple seconds longer for reload time. So FW is buffed, but shortened. If not camping, it has improved more than if you use it for camping.

Happy gaming!

CSB edit: last night, fire works glitched and left a permanent fire work effect (no damage, just visual). I was playing the "Unmazing method" by the Fancy Grind, and this effect was at the junction-canal door on the canal side so i could see these little fireworks for the whole game. It was kind of cool, it stayed no matter what type of ammo i changed to.

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Yea, I'll have to play with them a little more (lol), I really hope they decide to add some new effects. You would think with the Alternative Ammo Types, there would be an Easter Egg involving shooting something dependant upon which one you had.

For example; the random sparking Wires would obviously use "Dead Wire".

In regards to the Teddy Bears, obviously "Turned" would be used.

The last one I can think off the top my head, would be regarding ,"Thunder Wall". Used to knock down those damn Punching Bags in the Anvil.

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I need 50 more FW kills for the challenge, then I'm going to try them all out some more.

Rumor has it that Dead Wire and Lucky Crit is a 1-2 round fun time. I still doubt it's worth using lucky crit, but I'll check it out.

And lastly, i constantly hear BF proc when i shoot Margwas, but it never does anything, even if he's surrounded by zombies.

I am glad that dead wire is actually usable now. Still not the best, but i love variety.

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Does anyone know when fireworks starts to fail now? Edit: it worked in the 80s for Ragdoll.

I keep dying or quitting in the mid 50s and fireworks works very well still.


Blast furnace still levels up guns.

Currently, I would opine that before round 60:

Blast furnace is best for pooling zombies (circling them into a crowd, takes out whole crowd).

Fireworks is best for training zombies in conga lines, kills all zombies in visual range of the effect. Blast Furnace now sucks at this.

Turned is best for camping.

Thunder Wall and Dead Wire are for 'fun(?)', best used when pooling zombies. At least Dead Wire looks kind of cool... TW looks silly at best.

/at least on 360.

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On 2/16/2016 at 1:28 PM, Ragdo11706 said:

I'll let you know about Fireworks asap. I'm currently on Round 80, I'll gather a few hoards and see how it does down in the Rift. 

How well did FW work on 80+?

Did you get to test it?

The game gets to be a chore; hunting max ammos in the fifty-rounds, so I'm just glad that it works up to that point nowadays, that's when I've usually had enough (realistically, the game usually glitches out and ends by that point on 360).

I'm not going for high runs until we get the AS working properly since 10 shots doesn't cut it after a certain point. It's just not worth it.

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It seemed to work out ok, killing whatever was within range, if they were tightly knitted, it would take out a majority of them.

Haha, fortunately enough for me, I can still PaP the "Apothicon Servant". So I have good time.

Alchemical Antithesis is your best friend. 

I also noticed the Meat Wagon is great at killing Maggie. I'm pretty sure, I popped two heads at once on multiple occasions.

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9 hours ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

There's a lot more important things they need to be worrying about other then the effectiveness of their alternate ammo types: 

-The issues with LD caps and cryptokeys. 

-Numerous glitches that cause issues with games. 

- Lobby glitches. 


We could spray paint that in giant letters on the walls of Treyarch's offices and they still wouldn't understand that concept. It would simply confuse them further.

At least they actually brought up the quality of some of the alternate ammos. One of those rare patches in the right direction from these imbeciles.

They desperately need some type of project manager for zombies.

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