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The second train track in the Canals

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Has anyone figured out why there is a second direction in the train station at the canals? It's the only district that has that and it's really suspicious treyarch would add that in there. I mean if there isn't anything there then why that extra track? Why not make it like the "Footlight" and "Waterfront" train station where there is only one way to go?

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I've asked the same. See the T-Virus thread for lots of little things. The bend as it leaves the map in Canal seems too acute, like it is just background and not to be used.

T-Virus comes from "Tranzit-Virus": the search for why Treyarch sucks so much, started by the bizarrely half-finished Tranzit with it's bizarre lights appearing around the map and " that's it? " design.

Best guesses: 1. A deliberate joke referencing 'the second bus route' of TranZit, which did not exist. The road in Tranzit is blocked, the driver says something about changing route/gps, which means that it now goes to the Diner, rather than up the blocked road. Folk took this to mean that there was a hidden alternate route. Putting a nonfunctioning second Tram route in SoE is to mess with folks' minds.


2. It was just ambiance, to make it look like the Tram goes to the rest of the city. This seems derpy, as having the Tram serve just the 3 districts would be sensible.


3. Hidden path. This would likely have been found in the code by now.

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I think it's just to make it look like the tram goes to more than just 1 place. If you get a Sniper out and look in around there, you can see things get less detail the further out it gets. It pisses me off though that they can make that area look fine like it goes beyond the game area, but they missed the Waterfront. Seriously go to the train station there, and look out the window to the sea. You can literally see the edge/corner of the water.



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Haha, yea seriously. Why is it that sometimes when the Train gets there the Bootlegger is facing one direction then the next time it's facing another. I guess it depends on where it left from. 

Honestly I think they need a little bit better Zombie Slayers, when it pertains to the "Alpha" & "Beta" stages of the game before they finally decide to actually go "Gold" (put the game into production).

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Yeah, you can shuffle the train between the stations so that it faces either way.

On 360, an invisible force grabs you as you ride the train from waterfront. So i ran there, then jumped, and i ended up standing behind the train as it rode around. When it reached Footlight, i dropped to the ground by the box location... Then through the ground... Then hit the death barrier 100 feet below the map.

The train is not the safest mode of travel.

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